Hungary: 11,000 illegals cross border every month, hysteric Islamic riots, stoning of police and of random cars…

While African Muslims leaks into Europe through Italy, Balkan Muslims leak in through Hungary. And with it comes Afghanistan-style Islamic riots. Meanwhile, in lack of EU’s willingness to effectively defend its borders, Hungary has decided to build a 200 km long, 4 meter high fence on the border to Serbia.

Video 1 (road blocks):

Video 2 (“Allahu akbar”, Takbir (Islamic battle cry) and Islamic State-fingers ad libitum):

English, de-religionized article on Euronews. Original translation from ATV for 10News by Somogyi:

a�?Riot breaks out at Hungarian migrant camp,a�? July 5, 2015

A conflict of a religious nature between two refugees (a turkish and an afgan) at the Debrecen camp was allegedly behind the riots that happened on a nearby road on Monday afternoon. About 100 migrants staying at the refugee camp in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary, started throwing stones at cars passing by on road 471 and beating the vehicles with sticks, according to eye-witnesses.

Later, police said one officer took a hit from a stone and was slightly injured. Police appeared in raid gear and managed to drive the refugees back into the camp, behind a fence where they remained in a line, facing police and shouting, the correspondent said. The conflict turned violent after 2.30 pm when two refugees engaged in a row over religious (islam) matters, the local county police said.

The argument turned heated and a�?hundreds of othersa�? joined in, including a man who allegedly a�?stamped his feet on the Korana�?, police said, citing eyewitnesses. Another witness said one refugee took the othera��s Koran, which contained 200 euros hidden among the pages. Police spokesperson Erika Demeter said the refugees blocked the nearby highway, lit rubbish bins and threw stones at cars passing by.

Fully 154 police officers were sent to the site and police used tear gas to disperse the group. Nobody was hurt, Demeter said but one man was arrested in connection with the events. The camp has been sealed off temporarily and migrants are allowed only to enter the premises, the correspondent said. Police presence remains high by the camp, he added.

Hungary is in the European Uniona��s Schengen visa-free travel zone and as such an attractive destination for tens of thousands of migrants entering Europe through the Balkans from the Middle East and Africa.

In the first six months of this year, the number of migrants crossing into the EU via Hungarya��s border with Serbia exceeded 66,000.

Hungary is planning to build a 4-meter high fence on its border with Serbia “as fast as possible” to stop the flow of migrants, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said last week, while Prime Minister Viktor Orban said the country did not want to take in any economic migrants and would consider as refugees only those who were escaping a potential conflict in one of Hungary’s neighboring countries.

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    • Then what? Destroy everything to please allah? Form government by Boko Haram and ISIS?
      Where are the Islamic scientists and engineers to produce the technology that muslims use?
      Muslims are thick, ignorant people, in general who are too lazy to work and too stupid to think.

      I suppose you see the world reduced to 7th century savagery and barbarity as a GOOD thing…

    • soon europe will wake up and eradicate islam from the planet…..your days are numbered

    • When we are all gone you will be next to be roasted.

      How wonderful to rid the likes of you, when Christ returns.

      I urge all Christians to wear the Labarum Cross, that Constantine had a vision with Christ’s first two letters Chi Rho in Greek put on the cross. He gave the Roman Empire Christianity.

    • How you will hate the steaming sh^&hole you will create. You are all psychopaths and cretins. You are not even human.

    • The only consolation is that if that came to pass then the muslim vermin will then start killing each other, they know nothing else.

    • You muslims will continue to push us of the west until the inevitable backlash on steroids begins that will make the Balkans pale in comparison, so keep up the great work muslim, your days in the west are numbered. Deo Volente!

  1. My guess is, they’re destroying the thing that they have not contributed to in the name of “human rights” but yet they ran from their homeland under the protected name of “refugee”. The word “refugee” is nothing but a shield to hide their true intentions . If they really want change why didn’t they put that kind of effort in changing their homeland to fit their wants and needs?

    Their objective is very transparent so here’s the answer to that question, they want something that is not theirs, they want all host countries (Europe) to just give them free range like it’s their God given right. Europe was not built for africans and middle easterners it was built by Europeans for Europeans.

  2. It seems Europeans and other Westerners have Not Yet Realized, the Muslim Migration (Illegal or Legal) is Conspiracy Jihad for Islamization of Europe and West. Unless corrective Steps are taken, Present Europe will die. No use of Regretting Later.

  3. This is all part of the ‘master plan’ to colonize the world, all the ‘refugees’ fall into a specific demographic, there is a network ready and waiting for them when they reach their allotted destination and, little by little, they are dominating, first of all the major cities and spreading outwards where advance ‘squads’ have already done their homework while biding their time. We are at war but the appeasers and bleeding hearts are blind and those are the people who are the biggest obstacle; anyone with an ounce of wit can see what’s happening but the blinkered do-gooders are doing the equivalent of waving a white flag. Most European countries will look like Syria in a very short time, I’d give it 10 years and that’s probably a generous estimate.

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