Islamic extremists use criminal gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in Danish ghettos

Islamic extremism is becoming increasingly violent in Europe. If we do not stop them effectively, where will it end? “Immigrant gangs” is Danish media’s euphemism for Muslim gangs. Translated from EB:

“Islamic extremists use immigrant gangs to enforce religious Sharia laws in residential areas throughout Denmark. …

The unholy alliance between religious extremists and hardcore criminals in residential areas where especially younger people being forced to behave in certain ways and women are forced to dress in particular ways.

Gang members typically support individual extremist imams and mosques with a strict interpretation of Islam. …

‘- In several areas, we see that fundamentalists are supported by the gangs. People are more afraid of the extremists when they are backed by gang members. This can be seen for example in Tingbjerg. The consequence is that people do not dare to stand up against the extremists, because they know that they get beaten up by hardened criminals.’ …

National Police Research Centre (NEC), which monitors gang activity at home, confirms that the gangs are flirting with religious environments:

‘- We have reports that some of the gangs begin to show signs of a form of religious radicalization, and it is a dangerous cocktail, so it’s something we are aware of…'”

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