Islamic State building up at the Balkans: Secret training camp discovered, “Make them die … kill them where ever you are”

(Photo above: Kosovo Muslim protesters hold banners reading a�? Dignity, Justice, Identitya�? and a�? Who offends KURa��An offends 95% of Albaniansa�? protest demanding space for new mosque in Pristina, Friday , Sept. 2, 2011)

Islamic State training camp found in Bosnia. Via Today’s Zaman:

Islamic State militants have established a stronghold in a picturesque village in mainland Europe where everyone is ‘ready to respond to the summons to jihad (holy war)’, it has been revealed.

Land inA�Osve, Bosnia-Hercegovina, is being bought by ISIS fighters and security services believe the area is used to train terrorists.

The discovery comes after the mountain village ofA�Gornja Maoca in the country, where residents fly the notorious ISIS flag, was raided by police.”

InA�this videoA�(watch below), Balkan Muslims talking from Islamic State urges Muslims to attack in the Balkans:

“Fight them over there. If you can explosives under their cars, in their houses, all over them. If you can, take poisen, put it in their drink, their meal. Make them die, make them die of poisoning. Kill them where ever you are.”

Via Ansamed:

“The Balkans are being threatened by Isis, which has announced it wants ”revenge for the humiliation suffered by Muslims in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia”. …

”We will arrive with explosives”, says, among others, Abu Muqatil al Kosovi, a Kosovo native. Abu Muqatil anticipates ”dark days” for all those who ”in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and across the Balkans have disparaged Muslims”. He then adds: ”you must be afraid to walk down the road, be in your offices, sleep in your homes. With Allah’s permission, we will strangle you”.

A few hundred radical Muslims from Balkan countries, from Bosnia to Albanian-language territories, have joined Isis although local authorities have announced a crackdown on the so-called foreign fighters.”

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  1. Europe gives weapon to all kinds of radicals all over the world, supports and justifies them in the media . Afterwards EU just harvest results of that. It needs to make a law that every EU official bears a personal responsibility for the decision he makes and results he causes. Where are all those multiculturists who turned European cities into garbage sites and created problems of different kinds for future generations of Native Europeans?

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