Islamic State openly recruits in Berlin

Via Breibart:

“Berlin police are investigating after a large group of suspected radical Islamists rode the underground train while prostelysing for the Islamic State late on Thursday night. Eye witnesses said they sang an Islamic song, spoke in Arabic and handed out leaflets about the Islamic State.

Engaging other passengers in Arabic between stops in the historic centre of the city, one witness said the men were obviously a�?advertisinga�? for the Islamic State, reportsA�Focus.

Police are now reviewing security footage. A police spokesman said the force has determined the show was in support of a terrorist organisation.

The song was a so-called a�?Jihad Nashida��, a call to war…”

Here is a video from a similar situation in France, some years ago:

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    • Christian Europe does NOT belong to Muslims. If the time comes that Muslims achieve a hostile occupation of all Europe it’s because the EU, UN, US and top Western leaders are possessed with an all-consuming HATE for Almighty God. It’s why our God-hater leaders colonised Christian Europe with Muslims and invited the Huge Third World Muslims to invade. Our evil leaders want to destroy Christianity and Judaism from off the face of the earth.

      A future day is coming when our Glorious, Awesome Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will show who Europe and the whole world belongs to.

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