Islamic State terror cell “had been preparing chemical weapons attack”

Via Independent:

“An Isis cell dismantled in Morocco was planning an attack involving chemical weapons, authorities in the country say.

Ten suspects were arrested in a raid on a safe house on Thursday. They had been planning a suicide attack for the following day, Morocco’s Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) Director Abdelhak Khiame told a press conference.

Six jars of sulphur-containing chemical fertilizer, which when heated can release a fatally toxic gas, were found during the raid.

Further chemicals which can create the tetanus toxin were recovered too…

Four machine guns, thirteen tear gas bombs and significant quantities of ammunition were also among the weapons seized, together with an Isis flag.

The raid “reveals a radical change in Daesh tactics”, he told the press conference.”

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  1. How shocking would it be to learn that the troll (or shill?), Shaniqua Mo, has worked in a lab at a place like BASF SE?

  2. Im probably barking up the wrong tree, but i do get the feeling that Shaniqua may actually be a pis*&% off native citizen in some sharia wanna be hell hole like Sweden who posts just to see what comments come back.Testing the waters to see if we are angry and fiery enough to do something about our coming submission and ultimate demise,or maybe we are just all fatalistic and willingly going to our ends with nary a complaint or a kick.

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