Islamic State trains fighters to act like refugees and send them to Europe

Translated from Welt:

“One year after the terrorist attacks in Paris with 130 deaths, the alleged bomber is still on the run. According to information from WeltN24, the man, whose DNA was discovered in various hiding places of the terrorists and on bombshell material, camouflaged as a refugee in October 2015 and went through the Balkanroute and Austria to Germany. The Frenchman Saleh Abdeslam is said to have picked up the bomb maker and two other men in Ulm in a hotel. To this day this third person has disappeared. As this newspaper learned, the investigators assume that the man has left Europe and is back in Syria.

It is now clear that all nine Paris bombers came camouflaged as refugees to Europe. A recent warning from the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) indicates high risk of IS-fighters arriving. According to the announcement from the end of October Islamic State prepares its fighters specifically to submerge among the many refugees and how to travel unnoticed. For example, they are trained to appear as refugees in the case of interrogation by police officers.”

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  1. Islam is a deadly threat. There are various reasons, but the main reason is the mandatory obligation for Muslims to follow jihad – not the inner “religious efforts” but the outer political work.
    Thus We should encourage Christianity, not force it, but make Apostasy from Islam mandatory.
    On Day One of the operation, we target Iranian nuke production sites, the Pakistani nuke arsenal, and Raqqa. Targeting hardware first, threatening population centers later. We’d broadcast plenty of Battle Damage Assessment video and threats across all social media. This is how our grandfathers would do it because it works.

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