Islamic State uses Yazidi sex slaves and children as “live blood banks”

(Photo above: Hamshe and her baby, now in freedom)

Reading about Islamic State and the fact that probably a majority of young Muslims in Europe support them easily leads to Islamonausea.

From Daily Mail:

“A pregnant teenager who was captured by Islamic State militants has revealed how girls are being forced to give blood transfusions to keep their attackers alive.

Hamshe – who is understood to be the first Yazidi slave to reveal her identity – has told of how sickening Islamist jihadists have been using the blood of captured women and children for wounded fighters in the battlefield.

The 19-year-old, who also has a baby with her husband who is believed to have been murdered by militants, was held captive for 28 days before she escaped.

She said: ‘When each of them took a Yazidi girl, one of them took me to his house and locked me inside a room and told me, ‘I will not give you food or water if you refuse to marry me’.”

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