Jewish leader: “All violence [against Jews] is committed by young Muslims”

It was recently disclosed that French soldiers guarding Jewish institutions have been attacked violently 371 times in just over one month.

From The Local:

“Tuesday’s annual dinner hosted by France’s leading Jewish community group CRIF, attended by President François Hollande, was overshadowed after Muslim leaders from the CFCM (Conseil Francais du Culte Musulman) decided to boycott the event.

The dinner was marked by the absence of the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, outraged over comments by Jewish leader, Roger Cukierman, blaming young Muslims for anti-Semitic violence.

In an interview with French radio station Europe 1 earlier on Monday, Cukierman said: “All violence, and we must say this, all violent acts today are committed by young Muslims.”

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