Jihad manual: “Muslim Gangs. The Future Of Muslims In The West”

A reliable contact have veryfied the authenticity of this manual. It is surprisingly detailed and instructive in how to create a Muslim paramilitary in the West. Its step-wise, practical advises and concrete guidance in how to establish armed militias seem very realistic. There is no reason to not post material about such manuals, since the internet is overflowing with them on Jihadi sites. Many muslims know them, they can be googled by everybody – and we should start to be aware of what kind of books there are being spread in Western, Islamic communities (including the Quran).

Excerpts from Muslim Gangs: The Future Of Muslims In The WestA�(for fear of being accused for spreading terrorist material, I have blottet out the bomb recipies below and do not include the link):

“Every country and terrorist organisation has 2 main Arms. Your core groupA�will also have 2 arms. A Propaganda Arm, and a Military Arm. …

After learning your eloquence skills, you as the Propaganda Arm want to have influence theA�Narrative in the town. You want the people in the town to hear a different side to the mainstreamA�media, so if a Muslim home is raided in your town, the people will be confused and then the policeA�will usually arrive to try to justify this raid to the Muslim public. But you have to show the other sideA�of the story. People will believe a fellow Muslim more than they believe the policea��s narrative, so tellA�them of how more and more Islamic beliefs are becoming criminalized, and that even they could beA�next. …

Recruiting teenagers and children:

Stage 1 – Psychological distance:

You want to play the role of an older brother or sister who the young people look up to. So talk toA�them, play with them, and buy them gifts so they become close to you. Make them trust you moreA�than outsiders, because the young generation is the future. You will warn the children of the dangersA�of the police, tell them how they raid Muslim homes and imprison our brothers and sisters on falseA�accusations. …

Now that wea��ve looked at the Propaganda Arm, leta��s move onto the Military Arm. The Military ArmA�focuses on Armed defence and attack, they will be the ‘security’ of the Muslim people in the future.

The goals of the Military Arm:

i a�� to make a small gang with useful contacts.

ii a�� to Finance itself (get money),

iii a�� to Make/get hold of weapons (i.e. knives, guns, bombs etc.), and train how to use them.

iv a�� to Build up and secure this arsenal of weapons in a safe place while remainingA�anonymous and ‘off the radar’.

How to make a Cellphone Detonator:



Backpack IED – Propane tanks:


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  1. Yes, this is merely one form of the Islamic ‘pincer’ tactic – as referred to by Melanie Phillips in her bestseller “Londonistan’. We shall not forget how to think strategically.

  2. Relax. Islam is basically just Judaism with tweaks to suit the interests of Arabian narcissists and imperialists. So, the favored son of Abraham is Ishmael, not Isaac. The holy day is Friday, not Saturday. There’s an easy path to conversion of the goyim. And so on go the tweaks to make Submission out of Judaism. Of course, the nonarab Muslim is in the position of a second class member of the ummah, and this is just one of several wedge issues that need to be explored carefully and exploited after the Judaism problem has been resolved.

    Now, Islam has many, or all, of the theological and philosophical bugs and defects of Judaism. For example, the god is supposed to exist necessarily, but this implies that the god is not really in charge of existence but, instead, has an impersonal, immutable law of existence in charge of it and its willpower. Correct religion, therefore, disdains divine command stuff in favor of seeking out the details of the natural law, or laws, which binds the will of all beings, however construed.

    The real danger from Islam, as I see it, is that hundreds of millions of Muslims will be disabused incorrectly of their Jewish superstition and then follow a trajectory similar to that taken by so many tikkun olam Jews and Jew worshippers, too. Down into the delusion of secular socialism they are apt to go upon coming out of the dungeon of Islamic collectivism. If anything like this were to happen throughout the Islamic world—and we’ve had a taste of this in the past 100 yrs—then the world will find out how much more brutal and crushing leftist despotism can be.

  3. No rest Paulo, they have taken it too far and I’m not going to buy into Islamic thinking, doctor.

    This is different, it is a quest, a journey I take you with me to protect them from the threat, which in itself is really great, and you know what? We shall succeed.

  4. The global war of words stops when all know there is a 7th prophet, with no religion to promote…all beliefs stop with true knowledge of the teachings of creation.

    He lives now age 78. B E A M

  5. The concept of ‘Jihad’ in Islam has been grossly misunderstood, rather distorted. In the West, where it has been presented as barbarism, as aggressive use of brute force. The term, ‘militant Islam’, which has been in vogue in the world Press recently, is a follow-up of this very approach to the fundamental concept of Islam and a continuation of the old Jihad’ phobia of the non-Muslims.

    Jihad means struggle. No-one disputes that the literal translation of Jihad is “struggle”. And there are those who believe that its true meaning is “inner spiritual struggle”. But, with the greatest respect, the issue is not how you or Sara Khan choose to interpret the term. The issue is what the mainstream understanding of the term has been throughout Muslim history. I’m really not sure that is the issue – most mainstream historical Christian understandings of homosexuality, divorce and putting people to death are now considered extreme. Apparently even Al Qaida considers IS to be extreme, so it hardly seems fair to have a go at someone else for saying the same thing. Almost any recourse to violence is now considered as extreme in Western societies, so why shouldn’t a Muslim citizen feel the same way? Religion is always a matter of interpretation and reflection. Young Muslims tell me that, despite shouting loud and clear that they are patriotic, they still experience anti-Muslim prejudice and are viewed with suspicion, as the enemy within.

    None of 7/7 bombers and British Muslim youths who are in Syria and Iraq are the product of Muslim schools. They are the product of British schooling which is the home of institutional racism with chicken racist native teachers. It is absurd to believe that Muslim schools, Imams and Masajid teach Muslim children anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-western views. It is dangerously deceptive and misleading to address text books and discuss them out of their historical, cultural and linguistic context. It is not wrong to teach children that Jews are committing the same cruelty in Palestine what German did to them before or during Second World War. It is not wrong to teach children that anti-social behaviour, drinking, drugs, homosexuality, sex before marriage, teenage pregnancies and abortions are western values and Islam is against all such sins. This does not mean that Muslim schools teach children to hate westerners, Jews and homosexuals.

    In the Middle Ages Catholics were busy slaughtering members of rival Christian sects and non Christians like the Jews and Muslims and all in the name of Jesus and with the promise of going to Heaven if they died fighting the Holy War, There were indeed some social, economic and political factors which help explain this outburst of violence, but historians do not doubt that the primary motive for the wars, and the explanation for the appalling brutality of the Crusaders ( did you know they used to roast and then eat captured Muslim children?) was because of their religious fanaticism and the promise of an instant passport to Paradise.

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