Jihad on the rise: UK police arrest suspected terrorists “every day”, take down 1,000 extremist homepages every week

And last month French authorities announced that they are monitoring nearly 3,000 people involved in “terrorist networks”. How will this end…?

From Telegraph:

Police are now arresting a suspected terrorist every day with ministers poised to boost funding amid fears of attacks from Isil “misfits and criminals”.

Metropolitan assistant commissioner Mark Rowley revealed fanatics were being detained on a daily basis following a sharp rise in arrests because of the growing threat from Islamist jihadists.

Mr Rowley, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer, said he had been lobbying Government for additional funding to tackle the threat and there were “indications” that would happen.

He said the greatest danger to the UK were “misfits, criminals and vulnerable” who were being targeted by Isil to carry out atrocities on home soil.

Police are also taking down 1,000 web pages of extremist material every week.

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