Jihadism and migrant crisis undermining rule of law in Denmark: Police has no ressources to investigate theft, burglars to operate freely

The Danish police claim that they are “more pressed than ever”, mainly because of the terror threat and the migrant crisis. The rule of law is already undermined, as the police – as a result of being overburdened with handling Muslims – will no longer investigate thefts for less than 15,000 euros. Even if you call the police while the burglars are still to be seen inside your neighbours house, they will not come.

The police is now requesting the National Guard to prepare to help, possibly even armed, in a situation of terrorism.

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Translated from Berlingske:

“Thursday, December 3 should have been a quiet day for Torben Laustsen home at the address in Værløse. It was not.

For while he was eating his dinner and talking on the phone, through his window he could see two thieves carry away stolen goods from a neighbor’s home.

Torben was talking to the police, whom he had already called twice in connection with the burglary.

But the message was both times disheartening: There are no patrols available.”

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    • So Shanique mohamed, you really think that stealing is something that God permits, do you? Don’t you know that to covet something that is your neighbors is already a sin, in Christianity?

      Christ taught love thy neighbor, don’t you know that the essence of God is Love? And indeed, there is free will in religion, because God is only interested in love towards Him and our fellow man…

      The Bible teaches that to love of the world and the love of self is death, but to live to the spirit is life… And to live towards the spirit means love, compassion, patience, loving kindness….

      Now, what do you think comes from God and what comes of the devil… To love, or to hate one each other…. Do you still think that which belongs to the infidels, belong to you? I believe in God, but I do not believe in the teachings of muhammed. Because it contradicts Christ in each and every way.

      I hope you may find the road of love, because as the Bible teaches, broad is the way that leads to destruction and narrow is the way that leads to life…

      God bless you.

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