Jyllands-Posten, famous for the Muhammad cartoons, will not print Charlie Hebdo drawings

A dhimmi is a person who submits to Islam, eg. by following the sharia by not criticising Islam. In media coverage of the Charlie Hebdo attacks was a cavalcade of dhimmis. Here is a short list:
New York Times reports, then scrubs jihadisa�� references to Qura��an and Islam
White House spokesman: US needs to a�?redoublea�? efforts to explain the true a�?tenetsa�? of Islam
German Interior Minister: Charlie Hebdo murders have nothing to do with Islam
MSNBC: a�?We have to respect Islama�?
CNN policy: Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons forbidden, a�?Piss Christa�? okay
Howard Dean on the Charlie Hebdo murderers: a�?I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. Theya��re about as Muslim as I am.a�?
New York Times: a�?What We Dona��t Know: The reason Charlie Hebdo was targeteda�?
Financial Times calls for Sharia self-censorship: a�?Some common sense would be useful at publications such as Charlie Hebdoa�?
New York Daily News pixelates Muhammad cartoon in story about Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre
UKa��s Telegraph headline on Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre story: a�?France faces rising tide of Islamophobiaa�?

Translated from Jyllands-Posten:

“‘I maintain the right as editor to press all sorts of drawings again at some point. It is just not right now,” said Chief Editor JA?rn Mikkelsen.

The day after the deadly terrorist attacks against the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdos staff in Paris, several Danish newspapers printed selected cartoons from the magazine.

But not Jyllands-Posten, which in 2005 printed the 12 caricatures of the prophet Mohammad.”

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