Leftists attack police with gasoline bombs because of our demonstrations For Freedom

(Photo above is from the riots. Note the many cobble stones on the asfalt)

Yesterday around 200 self-proclammed “Anti-fascists” bombarded the Copenhagen police with gasoline bombs and cobble stones. Today an old insider from the Antifa community, Erik Storrud, says that the riots was caused by the Anti-fascists’ frustrations with the weekly demonstrations that I do.

a�?A�Report from our demonstration For Freedom

Video here,A�hereA�and here.

Translated from BT:

“The demonstration yesterday which ended with vandalism and confrontations with the police, was a planned response to the Islam-critical Pegida that has been given too long string by the authorities. This believes an eyewitness to the demonstration, a former activist.

Shops, banks and real estate agents in NA?rrebro was vandalized and Molotov cocktails and cobblestones were thrown at the police. It was a carefully planned confrontation, says Erik Storrud, who himself is a former activist and today blogs on the left-wing debate site Modkraft.dk.

Since the otherwise peaceful street party ‘Reclaim the Streets’ around at 23:30 moved down NA?rrebrogade 15-20 masked activists, according to Erik Storrud, attempted to confront the police in order to start a fight.

“I’m sure that there’s a group of people who from the start have speculated in creating trouble,” he says, explaining that you have to see Saturday’s riots in context of the past six months of events in which the Islam-critical, radical right movement Pegida has demonstrated regularly in Copenhagen.

According to Erik Storrud, the police has become extremely hard and aggressively against the left-wing counter-demonstrations, including preventive fines and using more raw methods.

“It seems as though the police has punished one party really hard while they let the other party in peace, and many feel that the police has has used unnecessary violence and force. There have been cases where counter-protesters have sat in the way to prevent Pegida from marching, and were beaten with batons by the police.”

See the police beat use their batons against the counter-protesters hereA�(Spring 2015).

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