Let Europeans arm themselves

Let Europeans arm themselves
By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist and political analyst

Interpol’s chief is very clear. There are only two ways to effectively combat and stop terror against civilians:

“Either create secure perimeters around the locations [with many people] or allow civilians to carry their own guns to protect themselves.”

Of course we need more police, but no matter how many officers we put on the street, they can not be everywhere.

Military chief: “Arm yourselves”
Switzerland’s top military chief warns that “western Europe is on the verge of breaking down amid chaotic violence caused by economic dislocation, mass immigration and terrorism” and advises civilians “to take steps to arm themselves.”

Czech President MiloA? Zeman said that “the only solution to terrorism is removing the cause a�� deporting failed migrants a�� and citizens need to be armed and ready to defend themselves and others.”

Learn from Israel
If politicians followed Interpol’s recommendations, many lives would have been saved in Nice, at Charlie Hebdo’sA�editorial offices, at Bataclan in Paris, in Germany’s trains and shopping malls, etc.

We should learn from Israel, where people are allowed to arm themselves and shoot the terrorists. In Israel terrorists usually only manage to kill one or two, before an armed civilian stops them.

Despite their liberal gun laws, Israel has fewer firearms-related deaths than countries such as France, Finland and Austria. And the number of annual deaths by firearms in Israel is only 1 (0.02 per. 100,000 inhabitants, which is three times less than in Denmark, where not even pepper spray is allowed).

Guns save lives
Europe could start with allowing policemen and soldiers to carry guns when off-duty. This will boost our defence against terrorism with thousands of professional armed men and women on our streets.

European societies’ vulnerability encourages terrorists to strike.

The sooner we learn from Israel, the more lives will be saved.

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