Life in the Muslim ghetto: Super market staff gets death threats, shops close down due to “security”

This article come after a series of similar reports from Danish ghettos (see below). When shopping food is no longer possibe in certain areas of a country because of security reasons this is a serious hit against the country’s infra-structureA�- at least for Western standards. This means that e.g. elderly people are forced to walk much further in order to get food, often through unsafe routes (see below).

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“Theft, vandalism and harassment. It has become commonplace for employees and customers in a variety of grocery stores around the country who have had to restrict opening hours, hire guards, set up security doors and in one case, shut down completely.

The Netto super market in Bispehaven in Aarhus, from Monday June 29 closes, as enormously amounts of theft means that business is no longer profitable. The Netto chain has also reduced opening hours in four other stores in the Copenhagen suburbs, so the shops close at 20 instead of 22 …

Older woman, Bispehaven: I think it’s really tiresome. I have lived here for 48 years, and then this good store closes. I barely dare walk along Ryhavevej. So I found some alternative routes that I take instead.

Karin HindkjA�r, Communications COOP: We experience the same problems as the Netto chain. Some places, fortunately relatively few, we have some pretty hefty visitors in our stores that threaten our employees. They are violent, and they are a bit too progressive in their approach to how to shop. … It is youths … who are very threatening to our staff, and it also means that we do not want to let them get on TV and talk about how terrible it can have to go to work. … We will not keep open at all costs …

TV2 reporter: What are the young people do, which is so hard for your employees giving you problems?

Karin HindkjA�r: Yes, normally our staff can say to people that it’s not okay to steal, or that it’s not okay to just take things and go out again, but here we are experiencing threats, sometimes evenA�death threats…”

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    • Yeah, and then its just the matter of turning Denmark into what you fled from in the first place, you dumb sh*t

  1. Turning Europe into the hellholes they “fled”satan is having a field day.

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