Militant “anti-fascists” plan to attack Danish PEGIDA demonstration

(Photo above: logos ofA�Revolutionary Anti-Fascists)

Denmark got its own PEGIDA movement – PEGIDAdk ( The first demonstration will be on January 19th in Copenhagen under the slogan “Peaceful and united against extreme Islam”. I will join and maybeA�also speak there (possibly as the only speaker…). We fully agree with the founder of Swedish PEGIDA, Henrik Ronnquist, who says that “We are not racists, we are not against homosexual people, we are not against having foreigners in Sweden or visiting foreign countries… We want thousands and thousands of people all over Sweden saying ‘we don’t want an islamisation of our country’.”

We will have some expenses in connection with the demonstration (printing of banners, loudspeakers etc.), and if you would like to contribute, you are very welcome to use the PayPal link on If you have questions concerning the demonstration or would like to join, feel free to contact me on:

Our demonstration in Copenhagen on the 19th will be met with a counter-demonstration arranged by some of the same “anti-fascists” who beat upA�(warning: graphic photo)A�the Islam-critical artist Dan Park at New Year’s Eve. Kim MA?ller from the award winning blog Uriasposten is a leading expert on the violent Left in Denmark and has done some research on the “anti-fascist” counter-demonstrators planning to terrorize PEGIDAdk.

From Uriasposten:

“Terrorizing a meeting: violent radical Leftist group plans attacks on ‘strolling against extreme Islam’

As previously said, the first Danish PEGIDA demonstration will be held on Monday, January 19 in Copenhagen. This ‘strolling against extreme Islam’ starts at 18:00 at Kongens Have, and is clearly not racist or militant. Newly formed Revolutionary Anti-Fascists (RA) meet an hour earlier at Israels Plads and plans to walk towards Kongens Have, obviously with confrontation in mind.

RA is by all accounts a Danish version of the Swedish RevolutionA�re Front (RF), which in Sweden is more violent than Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) and the problem is not limited to violence-glorifying logos. In aA�still ongoing trial, 14 members of the RF got sentences totaling 12 years in prison, for vandalism (ax, clubs, ammonia, smoke bombs …), violence (beatings with brass knuckles, kicks to the head of victims lying on the ground…) attempted lethal arson…

Asked directly if it isA�not a problem to have weapons in their logo, the spokesperson of the Revolutionary Anti-Fascists pointed out in an interview with the Leftist internet magazine Modkraft that the group has no limits concerning militancy…”

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