Muslims in Denmark caught with illegal machine guns: “Fuck all Danes. We will kill all and go to jihad. We are lethal to the West. Fuck Jews.”

Translated from EB:

“‘Fuck all Danes. We will kill all, and go to Jihad. Looking forward. We are lethal to the West. Fuck Jews.’

This was the message from a 25-year-old Danish law students to his friend in a text message in the spring of 2015.

The message was sent a few days before the two friends with two other friends went to Malmo, Sweden, and according to police, bought two Scorpion machine guns and ammunition. …

…during the presentation today it emerged that at two of the accused’s residence in Copenhagen is found material of a religious nature. Including various religious scriptures from Hitz but tahrir.

During the police search of the four accused’s home, they also found walkie-talkies, six pairs of gloves and six charged phones including SIM card, which was ready for use.”

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  1. They are so ignorant & inbred they will be easy to destroy once the civilized world rises up.

    • I’d like to meet and greet a couple of Merkel’s guests. Don’t have a firearm but a razor sharp Kukri which the Ghurkha’s taught me to use. I reckon it would remove the head better than any sword.

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