Must-see video: Scenes from civil war in Paris

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  1. BS how the hell do you call rioting by rapeugess a civil war hinnyhole ha ha dumkuf

  2. Are you sure this was just filmed in Paris?

    I know there were demonstrations because the government is trying to reform labor laws. The Wall Street Journal reports “Unions hold France hostage to stop reform of the 35-hour work week”

    I haven’t seen any other reporting about Muslims rioting in Paris yesterday.

    Muslim youth rioting has always been reported in the past whether it was in Paris or London…

    And the youtube video includes no facts or anything like journalistic reporting. It is only a screed.

    If all this Muslim “civil war” violence did take place in Paris on 31 May, don’t you think there would be at least one other source reporting on it. Probably many sources. Official news agencies or not.

    Are you quite sure, Nicolai, you have not been hoaxed?

  3. Unfortunately many posts from Nicolai are hoax, years old videos or without valid source, what is pity, as that downgrade the whole website credibility.. Be more careful what you upload on your web.

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