Must-watch video: Why Muslim sinners become terrorists

Psychology of sinner-turned-jihadi: Instant purification

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  1. It’s obvious that none of these people is an expert on this subject because: 1. The Quran was written for Arabic speaking people and none of these are native speakers of Arabic. 2. You took the most unrepresentative group of Muslims from non-Muslim countries who are influenced by Christian cultures and secular forces and had them represent an eastern religion with its strength and natural force and structure located far from their social influences and laws. this is a sham and not realistic.
    Go to Mecca and see what they believe and what their actions are and find out how much diversity exists in that country. 3. You have atheistic representatives, while being honest about Islam, their ignorance of the truth as contained in the Bible, diminishes their effectiveness in highlighting the flaws in Islamic practice and made it impossible for them to make the assertion of the main reason why Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives in suicide bombings. The only means by which Muslims, in their minds, can guarantee their place in heaven, is to die in the physical battle against the non-believers. Even Mohammad was not guaranteed a place in heaven as he didn’t die in battle and instead at the hands of a Jewish woman. So, Muslims who feel they were too bad to enter heaven will take the guarantee and sacrifice their lives fighting against the infidels.

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