New Sweden: bomb against court building could be heard “2-3 kilometers away” (4th bomb this week in Malmo alone)

In 2011, MalmA� hadA�13A�bombA�explosions in just six months. In the first five months of 2014, the Muslim-dominated city hadA�five hand grenade explosionsA�alone a�� on top of other kinds of bombs. In a recent interview in connection with another bomb that damaged several cars and house facades with hundreds of deadly shrapnels, a Bosnian refugee living in Malmo sad: “What I fled from in 1992, has now arrived here.” The bomb is the fourth bomb this week and the 35th within the last year. There have been 90 shootings in Malmo until now in 2014. All in all there have been 208 shootings in the tree biggest cities in Sweden – Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo – in which 14 have been shot to death.

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Translated from KvA�llspostenA�(play video to see the damages):

“A powerful bomb has exploded at the court in MalmA�.

‘- A person ignited it and then ran away. Then bang. The district court is significantly damaged. A balcony door has blown into an apartment and one person got cuts from the door,’ says Stephan SA�derholm, information officer at SkA?ne police. …

23:23 alerted the police was alerted by a witness who saw a person leave something suspicious at the entrance to MalmA� court. Minutes after it exploded just outside court’…

The powerful blast was heard all over Malmo, as far as two to three kilometers from the site, according MalmA� residents who have contacted the Evening Post. …

‘- The court is significantly damaged, and private apartments have been damaged.’ …

There are also fragments of glass 50 – 70 meters from the judicial center. Parts of the facade of adjacent buildings have been torn off and balconies have been deformed. …

”- This is clearly directed at law enforcement agencies,’ says Stephan SA�derholm. ‘There are someone who does not like that there are authorities to ensure that law and order is complied with.'”

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  1. well, you all know what this means. sanity needs to be restored.

    islam needs to be criminalized and outlawed for racism, antisemitism, misogyny, hate-speech, incitement of hate and more. point.

    btw, the historic reason for the muslim expulsion from spain in 1492 was that, after decades of observation, it became evident that they would never be able to work, study and live according to christian civilization (prayers 5 times a day for man, only woman working) and they were (already then!) out-breading the christian population.

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