Nicolai Sennels: We have Islamonausea

We have Islamonausea
By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist

We should stop using Muslimsa�� self-chosen word a�� a�?Islamophobiaa�? a�� by which they paint themselves into a corner of being feared: it destroys communication. Instead of such a divisive term, we should insert a more approachable and factual word that preserves opportunities for bridge-building and learning: “Islamonausea.” This does not render communication impossible, but enables visitors to our Western cultures to notice aspects of their behavior that make us sick.

It is no wonder thatA�Muslims are so focused on Islamophobia. Lacking convincing arguments, charm and positiveA�contributions to their surroundings, being feared is their only chance to gain at least some kind of “respect”, and to scareA�the less brave into not warning the world about Islam’s obvious genocidal nature and its prophet’s thirst for blood and underage girls. The term Islamophobia, fear of Islam, points to what Muslims want: they want us to fear them and their faith, which is the reason for Islamic terror and their intimidating behaviour. Fact is that Muslims are the biggest Islamophobes: only fear can explain their acceptance of living under such a suppressive system, denying them basic freedoms such as freedom of speech, and the right to choose their own partners, lifestyle and religion. Without extreme social control, capital punishment for apostasy, threats of Hell fire etc., surely many Muslims would have left their barbaricA�religion out of its lack of human rights and obvious inability to contribute to its followers’ happiness.

We do not have Islamophobia; irrational fear of Islam. It is certainly rational to worry about the advance of Islam and to speak and act against it. We are also not xenophobics, irrationally fearing what is strange or foreign. In fact, we are getting much too acquainted with Islam, and readingA�its holy text only confirms what jihadis claim themselves: that they are following their religion and the example of their prophet. Irresponsible people calling Islam a religion of peace are helping a political religion whose goal is the enslavement and annihilation of all non-believers to conceal its true intentions. Needless to say, we are also not racists: Islam orA�Muslims are not a race.

Our language needs a term that describes what many critically thinking people feel about Islam according to ourselves, not according to what Muslims wantA�us to feel, or what the political correct threaten to call us, should we opposeA�the destructiveA�mass-immigration of Muslim voters for the Left. We need a term that invites Muslims to realize what they haveA�to change about their behavior and religion if they wish to advance from an embarrassing last place in the evolution of civilizations and earn some real respect in this world.

It makes us feel sick
There is nothing phobic or racist about feeling nauseous when hearing about the countless, bloody massacres committedA�by Muhammad and his many devout copycats throughout history and all over the world today. The same goes for his sexual relationship with nine-year old Aisha; and the widespread tradition of often forced inbreeding; and child marriages in the Islamic world; and the stonings; and the cutting off of A�limbs and female genitals. All in the name of Allah and according to Islamic law, the sharia.

The many calls for hatred, suppression, violence, enslavement, rape, dismembering, crucifixion, and beheading of non-Muslims commanded by their holy book, the Quran (Muhammad’s revelations) and their equally holy hadiths (Muhammad’s deeds and sayings, which are to be seen as an excellent guiding example for all Muslims) are outright disgusting.

Our critical stance on Islam is neither a result of misguidedA�anger nor of irrational anxiety. It is out of compassion for beings – including the many Muslims who, under the threat of death, are living involuntarily under the humorless, totalitarian, violent sharia – and out of responsibility for the freedom and safety of our our own and future generations.

What Islam does to Muslims, and makes Muslims do to non-Muslims, is sickening. We have Islamonausea.

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  1. “Islamonausea”: Well put.

    On a hunch I visited Urban Dictionary® and entered the word. There is still no definition for it, but I foresee the deficiency being corrected soon.

    That stated, you need to reconsider your claim about “Islam’s obvious genocidal nature “. Has Islam been waging a thoroughgoing war of genocide in Indonesia, to cite just one example? Certainly not as Protestant Christianity in the USA attempted to wage in N. America, esp. once the Republicans came to power during the latter half of the 1800s. The same judgment seems to hold true of Islam in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Africa, and northwestern China, too. In all of these places we find a wide variety of races being brought into the Islamic fold, and it appears that any occasion of genocide by Muslims has been but a side effect of resisting Islam itself.

    On the other hand, though, Islam does have a totalitarian nature—like leftist politics, and its nature—like leftist politics—is an interesting mixture of peer pressure and old fashioned political collectivism.

    Now let us move the discussion toward the tribal chauvinism of Judaism and what we can expect from pious Jews in the centuries to come if the last remnant of the Israelites is allowed to carry on without firm resistance to their theocratic agenda for all of humanity. Let us recall that Muhammad was inspired by Torah, of which the Koran is at best a crude commentary for use by Arabs on a supremacist, but not necessarily genocidal, mission. Let us discuss the “nations” to be enslaved pursuant to Lev. 25 should Islam be made to disappear from the Levant.

    • The many calls from Islam to be a savage murderer to qualify for a free ticket to heaven to enjoy an orgy with 72 girls has given me indigestion and now I am suffering from Islamo-diarrhea.
      “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites Muslims, for they love to pray standing in temples and blocking the main streets of big cities to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full, false prestige.

  2. I do not suffer from Islamophobia, but I am Islamophobic. There is a subtle but significant difference. ‘phobia’ is an (irrational) fear. ‘phobic’ is a rejection or aversion, as in hydrophobic, meaning rejecting water.
    I do not fear Islam, but I am very much averse to Islam, and I do reject Islam and all it stands for.

    This is probably being pedantic about semantics, but worth mentioning.

  3. We should also change the word Muslim to FOPP – Followers of the Paedophile Prophet. Make it more difficult for ‘moderates’ to hide behind ‘its not Islam’ claims.

  4. I’ve been searching for a suitable antonym to islamophilia (love of islam) and find islamophobia insufficient. I agree with Malcolm Tubb that I’m islamophobic (averse) but do not suffer from islamophobia (fear). Islamonausea is very close but still doesn’t quite fulfill my linguistic desire.

  5. Simply AMAZING that people like all of the above [all MEN no less] can still write that they have “NO fear” of ISLAM! How deep into your lives must you WAIT until it makes you fearful?–So far that there is “NO TURNING BACK” the tides!? If you haven’t read enough of what the Quran teaches, such as that a Muslim is not allowed to sit on the sidelines peacefully while others *wage Jihad/war* on us /infidels /non-believers–he/she MUST participate!–then you can’t imagine what the day will be like when they ALL (also *the fairytale* once-upon-a-time-peaceful muslims) WILL rise up against you and your family /country /democracy–to save their own necks!
    By THEN it will be TOO late to stop what is coming, flowing into Europe and *disguised* in other countries–or at least creeping into your schools and laws…until SHARIA is a fact! WAKE UP and BE AFRAID for once in your life!

      • No jihahdist, you wil die. You goat-fucking boy lovers come and get your vaccine called “the valley of death.” Let us, the American patriots, hasten your journey to paradise with 72 virgin boys awaiting your headless body for we welcome death if it means taking just one of you weak bitches with US! Fuck you and Islam. Christ is the anointed one and the only true God! He lives. You die.

  6. Probably the most intelligent article I’ve read on the subject in the past month.

    In this country people fear Upsetting others. More specifically they fear being Labeled something like an Islamophobe, Racist, Nazi, etc. They Don’t want to be cut off from their politically-correct crowd of friends. It’s all about Conformity and not embarrassing one’s family and all that crap. And in politics of course Every politician wants to get the maximum number of Votes…

    – Proud American Atheist, Scientist, Democrat, and “Islamophobe.”

  7. Add my name to the list of those who fear neither Islam, nor Christianity or any other religion. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. . . . I’m delighted to have an appropriate name for what I have: islamonausea. Perfect!

  8. A great article. And I subscribe to all the jots and yod of this article.

    It is a terrible crime against their own people,and the rest of humanity, for western leaders to look into camera, as they stand before their nations, and call, “Islam the religion of  peace”. This is intentional lie, a deception of the greatest magnitude and without reference, and in a normal situation , it is high treason!

    The first to do it was Mr George W. Bush, in the wake of twin tower Islamic terror attack on the World Trade Centre, that claimed over three thousands lives. The nineteen Islamic terrorists, all Muslims, who hijacked civilian planes and crashed them into the WTC, were all Muslims, who, believed the Quran is from Allah, and they were following in the footsteps of “prophet” Muhammed.

    The Fifteen of the nineteen Islamic terrorists or Followers of the Paedophile Prophet, or FOPP, as someone suggested to make it impossible for anyone to hide as moderates, were from Saudi Arabia, who, subscribed to Saudi vversion of Wahabism of Islam, that does not tolerate Jews and Christians, nor permit the building of Synagogues and Christian worship centres in Saudi Arabia, but the same Saudi Arabia spends billions of pounds and dollars building mosques all over Western Judeo-Christian nations, without reciprocity of one christian worship centre and synagogue in its Kingdom. And no attempt was made by the western leaders to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for hypocrisy and intolerance towards other faiths.

    Also the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair looked into the camera and said also Islam is a religion of “peace”. After these two men deceived their own people , regardless of trail of blood bath perpetrated by the FOPP, other western leaders, from David Cameron, Mr Hollande, Barack Hussein Obama, with Islamic name, in his book page 261, the audacity of hope, also called Islam a religion of peace. And from the plethora of evidence, it can be demonstrated that Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a mass killing machine that has resulted into millions death worldwide. And it is nota race, nor colour, but a politico – religio, autocratic, repressive tool to dominate and silence anyone who rejects it ideology.

    • Why don’t you like the Muslims? They’re wonderful, peaceful people. I don’t get it.

  9. Loved the article. So true here in Australia where I live, the Media and the Government just can’t say Terrorism. What are they waiting for, we all seem to be walking on egg shells. Don’t want to hurt feelings don’t want to look to closely at someone’s life even if they are on our watch list because we might invade their privacy until this person blows himself up with countless others or chops someone’s head off. We need to put a stop to these people entering our countries and not assimilating…give them a year if they haven’t shown that they have assimilated send them back. Don’t let them build their mosques every where. Lets take our lives back lets keep our freedom




      • Yeah. That showed a lot of tolerance and actual understanding of the issues at play.

  10. It’s because you guys aren’t looking at the Big Picture…

    Listen, I’m American and my parents and grandparents grew up here. Throughout all of our schooling No One ever brought up Islam. Whenever it was glossed over in passing it was almost invariably labeled as “just another religion… Just like Hinduism or Catholicism or…” and that was That! Covered up nicely and neatly. In America, all religious are Protected from attack and have various beneficial BS (including tax-free buildings!). To this day it’s still called “The Religion of Peace” and just a few months ago I saw some CNN political commentator suit saying “Islam is a beautiful religion! Unfortunately it’s been hijacked by A Few Radicals…” kind of thing!
    The bullies constantly play the discrimination card–and get away with it scot-free!

    Why is this?

    I think it’s obvious: it all boils down to their OIL EMPIRE! You can’t make enemies with your bread & butter! Regardless of offshore drilling, fracking, alternate energy supplies–that all pretty much adds up to peanuts when we’re talking Lots Of Oil to fuel our cars and other transports!

    This is why, regardless of how Insane these pedophile-worshippers become and how many terror attacks they make, and how many people are killed–They will always be Free Of Blame and fingers pointing towards “a few Radicals” who naturally had nothing to do with Islam and nothing to do with following The Prophet’s teachings…

    That’s why it’s just going to go On And On like this. The Arabs Have Big Oil And Countries Like America Have To Kiss Up To Them!

    For this simple fact, the insanity is just going to drag on and on.
    Who knows, if they get rich enough maybe these immigrants will not only have wall-to-wall mosques galore in the U.S. but will buy off politicians to erect Sharia Zones before the whole country caves in to a caliphate under Islam and the Constitution is rewritten.
    As I joked on another website, you got your god-fearing guy screaming “No Islam! You’ll never build a mosque here!” and then an Arab writes him a check for $1 Million–the next moment he’s smiling, “Build away! A nice big Mosque!”.
    Americans will sell their souls for money. They sell out all the time. They’ll sell America out to Islam if offered enough dough.

  11. Another word or phrase needs to be invented for the pepole that have a “Muslim Friend” (Quran 5:51) and insist that all Muslims are also friendly and the Christians have done a lot of bad things and you can’t convince them otherwise.
    How about the same phrase that Muhammad used to describe women, “Mentally Deficient”

    • How about
      morally, intellectually, personally, sexually (defective | deficient | depraved | bankrupt, as you choose),

  12. Oh yeah, I love that: “…all Muslims are also friendly and the Christians have done a lot of bad things…” And they always bring up the Crusades and how the Christians destroyed civilizations (including the native Indians here and of course the South Americans)… Yet the thing they never bring up is the simple fact that That Was Then And This Is Now. Countless atrocities in the name of religion dominated the world hundreds of years ago, by all religious groups participating. Yet today, in the 21st Century, you never hear of holy wars/jihads/executions in the name of god/witchhunts/religious based insanity anywhere BUT under Islam.
    Islam hasn’t changed one bit in 1400 years. They’re still a bunch of ignorant, violent savages completely brainwashed by their religion and backing it up with force and by the most savage means: beheading (by hand no less!), stoning to death, cutting off arms and legs, lashings… They are driven to destroy all that is not supported by their schizophrenic prophet’s holy book, and are responsible for finishing off the great library of Alexandria (because the writings went against Islam or weren’t understood, thousands of books and scrolls were burned to heat public baths!). Today they destroy all “idoltry” and are looking at wiping out the pyramids and Sphinx, to say nothing of Other Religions’ holy sculptures and works of art, and archaeological sites. Anything “idoltry” must go!
    They’re a destructive force from a backwards 1400 year old civilization which hasn’t changed and never will change!
    And the burning HATE will never end. They HATE all non-Muslims. They consider women to be inferior. Non-muslims are animals and Legal to rape and kill under Islam. Even Black Muslims are considered Slaves (Black = Slave in Arabic–they Started the slave trade thousands of years ago!). Muhammad The Prophet is not only “The Perfect Human Being” but is, in their own words, Allah’s Slave! What does one expect under Islam which literally means “Submission” (to God!). Now if Allah’s #1 Man is considered His Slave–what does Allah think of Lesser Muslims?!
    A Hierarchy of Slaves!
    Yes, when Muslims Pray 5x each day they’re really not Praying per se but are Begging for their souls. Something akin to “Allah, I’m this worthless maggot piece-of-crap have mercy on me to let me into heaven when I die! Please! Please! Please!” Do that all your life alone and you’ll be batshit crazy by the time you reach middle age!
    And anyone who dares try to leave Islam must Die!

    Digressing again… The point being, folks, this is a savage cult that resists change (since it’s The Perfect Religion and the words of Allah cannot be changed!) and no other group today is responsible for so much death and destruction than Islam.
    Daily executions, bombings, crimes against humanity.

    If American wasn’t a hypocrite like all other countries it would cutoff ALL trade with the Arab world and isolate the bastards from the rest of Our True civilizations.
    Let them die out and kill one another.

  13. If we would assume that islam is a religion of peace, and that all major religions in existance are peaceful as well, it is very interesting that it is no other than islam which is honored with the adjective ‘peaceful’.

    It is peculiar, since among different major belief systems, there are others that are a lot more peaceful both per dogma and also according to statistics. Take buddhism, as an example. Therefore one can’t avoid reaching a conclusion where islam has been declared as a religion of peace for a political – or another – reason that is in direct conflict with reality. It is saddening to realize that the most influential politicians of the western world themselves represent the ultimate submission for the untruthful propaganda by the islamic world.

    Politics, energy in particular, must be one of the main reasons for such a deception. We in the western world are selling our soul for oil. Is it really worth it?

  14. Interesting. Though I agree that the Islamic religion and the nations of citizens it creates are extremely oppressive, I see many of the same arguments made equally legitimately against Christianity’s misogynist national cultures. The problem is deeper than Islam and goes right in to the dark aspects of human nature and their having been allowed to run amok in our societies despite our ability to reason at levels beyond the most basic. Many are to blame for keeping humanity in the dark for thousands of years, though most of them are at the top tiers of social and political power and control. Their followers perpetrate the crimes in the name of their self-righteous claim to superiority for the same ultimate reasons of attempted world conquest and subjugation of the masses (human resources, as they are called these days…)

  15. I used to be defending Islam and telling people that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. Actually, it might have more to do with their digressive Middle Ages culture that strictly follows Kuran. So that is Orthodox Islam, I guess. And the more they are going cuckoo, the more one is realizing that there is a potential seed of terrorism in each Muslim. They are so brainwashed and digressive that any of them is likely to become a terrorist, And we should all be aware of it. For the safety of all others, it should be wiped out.

  16. Germans have the most experience with Turks inclndiug Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan declaring that German Turks are still under his purview, insisting they should be schooled in Turkish in Germany etc. This is yet another Islamic belief that is little understood in the West. When a Muslim moves abroad, he is still considered a loyal subject to his Islamic country of origin and its ruler. He has no loyalty to the new place. He’s an occupier.

  17. Yeah, I am satisfied with the term. I have another as I become alarmed at people claiming it is just the men of islam who are the worry. Not true. I regard the women as just as guilty. To that end I call them BBOS. Billboards Of Satan. Just like in yesteryear when Catholic Nun’s were by their apparel, advertising God, they in effect were Billboards For God. Islam is just the opposite.

  18. Amen, Dr. Sennels! I too, suffer from Islamonausea. What this creed teaches sickens me. Islam has far more in common with Fascism and Stalinism than it does with any other religion. When members of other faiths commit violent acts in the name of their religions, they are actually violating the tenets of their creeds. By contrast, when Muslims commit these atrocious deeds, they are OBEYING their god and prophet, as revealed in the Qur’an, sira and ahadith. Big difference.
    I agree with some other posters here: No, I don’t suffer from Islamophobia, because there is no such critter. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of something. We have 1400 years of proof that non-Muslims have good reason to fear Islam.
    I take comfort in the fact that, although the world will suffer the effects of Muslim rage and irrationality for the immediate foreseeable future, eventually this curse will subside. Mohammedans are in the process of destroying themselves. Their birthrate is dropping precipitously and their inbreeding is lowering their genetic viability. Plus, the information highway is making it impossible for them to hide behind their lies. More and more people are discovering the truth about Islam, including the millions of Intelligent, ethical former Muslims who have left this pseudo-religion in disgust after discovering what the Qur’an actually teaches and what sort of monster Muhammad actually was. Our political leaders may continue to babble about Islam being a religion of peace, but fewer and fewer of the common people believe them with each new terrorist attack. Most ordinary folk are not lying politicians; they recognize evil when they encounter it face to face. Islam is evil, pure and simple.










    Islam Treats Women and Children Equally. like you False Christians and Eastern Europeans are Treating Women and Gays Worse than Animals.


    SANDERS 2016!
    CLINTON 2016!
    CRUZ 2016!

    – Greeting from a Proud Muslim-American. :D.

  20. Dear Mayflower1978:
    I’m afraid you have just affirmed all of the points made by Dr. Sennels and the comments posted here. Rather than argue cogently against the evidence presented, you curse, threaten, accuse and rant like a maniac. Is that supposed to convince any of us that Islam is peaceful, tolerant, rational and intelligent?
    And why do you automatically assume that those who agree with Dr. Sennels are conservatives? I happen to be a political liberal in reference to all issues – except Islam. Having studied the religion in depth, I have come to the logical conclusion that it poses a great danger to world peace and security. It is simply incompatible with liberal democracy and Universal human rights.

    No, I DON’T hate Muslims. They tend to be the most common victims of their own creed. I wish them all well and support their right to practice their religion – so long as they don’t violate the rights of others in the process. Your right to freedom of religion ends where my nose begins, friend.

    • You go too far with your bleeding heart victimology on behalf of Muhammad’s followers. Bear in mind that Islam, like all cults, has both its dupes AND its knaves. Deprive a dupe of his faith and you might acquire a good friend who deserves to be trusted. On the other hand, if you steer a knave into apostasy, the knave is likely to remain about as criminal-minded as before but become less predictable since he will no longer look to Islam for guidance about his career in crime.

      I would grant, however, that it’s better for an Islamic knave to be deprived of his faith than to let him keep it, for this will leave the dupes with fewer leaders while diminishing the knaves’ ability to act in concert with each other. The knaves will not, of course, all abandon Islam for the same bundle of beliefs and ideals.

  21. mohammed was no prophet. Unless you are smoking camel dung. islam has failed for centuries and will go on do so. the koran is nothing but pure crap-ol-la!

  22. Islamophobia is a hoax. The Muslim Brotherhood invented it in 1991 in an attempt to shut down dissent against Islam, it’s terrorist ideology and it’s false prophet.

  23. The other 45 percent have yet to discover the reality of the nauseous supremacist doctrine of islam.

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