Norwegian chief of intelligence directly warns against Muslim immigration: “More conflicts, more violence, more radicalisation”

(Photo above: Benedicte Bjørnland, chief of Norwegian Intelligence)

Translated from DKA:

“The place is Sälen in Sweden. Here there is a large conference on People and Defence. But it is the Norwegian chief of intelligence Benedicte Bjørnland, who gets most of the attention due to her unusual and strong warning. …

‘A strong increase in immigration, particularly from Muslim countries, can cause other challenges. When a large number of asylum seekers arrive to a community, it can have unfortunate consequences,’ said Bjørnland.

Bjørnland said it can cause more conflict, more violence, radicalization and extreme environments.

You can not take it for granted that new population groups automatically adapts to the norms and rules in the Norwegian society.”

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  1. Wow! A stunning conclusion by Norway’s finest. That inviting trouble into your own lands would result in chaos and conflict. Can we nominate her for a Nobel Prize?

    • At least she’s not in denial, like most of the paralysed western Europeans, when, for God’s sake, are you going to start fighting back?

  2. Our leaders allowed Muslims entry into our nations, which automatically imported Islamic ideology which Muslims have followed for 1,400 years. Hundreds of millions of non-Muslim innocents have been barbarically put to death by Muslims because the innocents didn’t worship Mohammed’s cruel god.

    Many millions of non-Muslims have been taken for slaves and sex slaves by Muslims. All of these dreadful, inhuman acts are taught in the Quran. Our leaders KNOW that.

    Our wicked leaders are deliberately bringing civil war, constant rapes and gang rapes and great suffering to our people. Beheadings already began in Britain, America and France…

    Our leaders are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity.

    May our Precious and Wonderful God help us now and in the dark years to come.

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