Only 13 percent of Germans completely disagree with the PEGIDA anti-Islam demonstrations. 75 percent agree fully or to some degree

The latest PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden had 15,000+ participants, and the Danish state tv, Danmarks Radio, noted that “It was the German middle class, who demonstrated today.a�?

Germany is finally waking up, after being paralyzedA�by the burden of bad conscience from the 2nd WW, general political correctness, and cowardice. Criticising the power of religion, standing up for the equality of women and fighting for the freedom to express oneself – even if it insults others or opposes the “normal” – used to be the Left’s key issues. Today that same Left call it racist, Fascism or even Nazism. But standing up against Islam has nothing to do with racism (as far as I know, nobody changed color after converting) and the mudslinging Socialists who do nothing else than name calling should know that Fascism and National Socialism (Nazism) are both Leftist political ideologies.

Standing up against Islam’s soldiers and against political correctness activates and increases the most noble human qualities: honesty, bravery, gut feeling, cooperation, hard work, intelligence, and compassion. It is no surprise that one meets the best people in the counter-Islam movement.

I assume that the 13 percent who completely disagree with the PEGIDA demonstrations are mainly Muslims. 75 percent are either partly, mostly of completely sympathise with the PEGIDA demonstrations.

From Zeit:

Do you have sympathy for the demonstrations against Islamic State and the “Islamization of Germany” taking place in German cities? – Yes, completely: 30 percent – Yes, mostly: 19 percent – Partly: 26 percent – No, mostly not: 10 percent – No, not at all: 13 percent – Do not know/no answer: 2 percent

As one can see from the below screen shot (taken from here), the PEGIDA demonstrations are not just in Dresden, but all over Germany:

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  1. PEGIDA! Please get in touch with British National Party. The blast of islam war is blowing in our ears and it is time to stiffen up the sinews and summon up the blood!

  2. Well – the Germans has some experience with radicalism. They experienced what happened in the 1930’ies with the nazis and basically there is not much difference between nazism and Islam. Maybe they march now because they are scared of what’s happening in Europe?

  3. Islam, by definition, means submission to the will of God.
    There is no such religion as submission to the will of God.
    Since people have been Refusing to submit all along,
    Islam has to be False.

  4. In his famous book of 1899,The River War, Sir Winston Churchill,almost universally considered the greatest ever Englishman said about Islam “besides its fanatical frenzy which is as dangerous in a man as rabies in a dog” and ” No stronger retrograde force exists in the world”. Also, the great Victorian Prime Minister,William Gladstone said of the Qu’ran that “whilst this accursed book still exists there will be no peace in the world” Obviously Cameron and Co have refused to learn from history!

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