Only 5 percent of female refugees has a job after four years in Denmark

a�?A�Seven out or 10 refugees do not know the Western alphabet
a�?A�Syrian refugees will not integrate: Only 17 percent in job after four years in Denmark
a�?A�Will the migrants integrate? Danish research: Syrians least likely to get a job, Muslim refugees a�?most criminala�?

Translated from DKA:

“Four years after female refugees have been granted residence permit in Denmark, 5 percent has a job. It is a much lower employment than among male refugees, where almost 20 percent have a job after four years. ‘It is not good for society and not good for the women themselves,’ says research director.”

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  1. That many? Please, help our government. In Finland the percentage is about 1-1,5% and they all “work” for the government or non-profit organisations supported by the government (tax payers).

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