Oslo: 90 percent of violence against children committed by migrants

The below letter is from an outspoken Norwegian police officer.

Via Gates of Vienna, A Norwegian Cop Tells the Truth About Culturally Enriched Crime:

“A survey from Oslo shows that nine out of ten individuals who were convicted of violence against children come from immigrant backgrounds. …

The author is interested in fighting crime — and one of the most important measures that Norway can take to reduce overall crime is to limit immigration. …

In 2014 it was estimated that only 39 percent of rejected asylum seekers were sent out of the EU. There is no reason to believe that that figure is any higher today. …

The investigation of serious crime requires significant resources — the investigation often have to deal with new confusing environments. The point is that everyday crime is being neglected. Also, resource-intensive cases — such as fraud/finance cases — are shelved due to lack of processing capacity.”

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