Paris jihadis was spying on man with access to nuclear material

(Photo above: From the jihad attack on the Baraclan club in Paris)

The news goes from bad to worse. Security services have long feared that jihadis might get their hands on radioactive material. What was their plan? We know ISIS is trying to develop a dirty bomb. They need radioactive material.

Via AP:

“Belgian authorities say that searches in the wake of last year’s deadly attacks in Paris have uncovered video linked to a person working in Belgium’s nuclear industry.

The federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement on Wednesday that an “investigation is actively ongoing.”

Belgian media reported that several hours of video was filmed near the home of a man thought to be a senior official at the Mol nuclear waste facility in the Flanders region. The house of the unidentified man was apparently filmed from a nearby wood.”

Prosecutors declined to confirm that information or provide details.”

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