Photos: See bomb that was supposed to kill 25,000 at Christmas in Portland

(Photo above:A�Mohamed Mohamud)

Via KGW:

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“The FBI has released photos of a van used in the plot to bomb Portland’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony on November 26, 2010.

This is the first time the images have been made public outside of court.

The photos show six 55-gallon drums strapped to the inside of a white cargo van.A�The drums are connected by a tangle of cords linked to a detonation device. A cellphone, surrounded by wires and a plastic box,A�was placed on the floor of the van between the two front seats.

According to the FBI, Mohamed Mohamud tried to detonate the bomb by dialing the cellphone. The device failed to explode because it was a fake bomb.

Mohamud was arrested by federal agents in the sting operation.”

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  1. Cool bomb Mohamed. May your time spent in federal custody be spent by being traded from one prison gang to another for packs of smokes. Allah be praised!

  2. The religion of peace at work again .
    Attempting to spread it’s message of love and acceptance to the world

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