Pope Francis says Islam “not violent”, compares terrorism with domestic violence

Dear 10News readers

Let the Pope know that we know about his lying about Islam. Our leaders should know that we want the truth. Please write the Vatican and ask them, if the Pope can not read, and tell them that people are very upset about his obvious lies about the Quran and Islam.

Postal address:
His Holiness, Pope Francis PP.
00120 Via del Pellegrino
Citta del Vaticano

Email: The Pope does not have a personal email, but you can write to the Office for Pilgrims and Tourists here:A�upt@scv.va

Twitter: Write the Pope on @Pontifex

Also contactA�your local Catholic churches and express your concern.

Via Independent:

“While in Poland, Francis made an unscheduled stop at a church in Krakow to implore God to protect people from the “devastating wave” of terrorism in many part of the world.

When asked why he didn’t describe the priest’s murder and other attacks as Islamic terrorism, Francis replied he won’t do that because “it’s not right to identify Islam with violence. It’s not right and it’s not true.”

“I believe that in every religion there is always a little fundamentalist group.”

“I don’t like to talk of Islamic violence because every day, when I go through the newspapers, I see violence, this man who girls his girlfriend, another who kills his mother-in-law,”…”

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