Professors in demography about Muslim immigration: What we have seen until now is just a ripple compared to what is about to come, we need to make Europe into a fortress

(Image above:A�British demographer and Professor Emeritus David Coleman (left) andA�Danish demographer Professor Emeritus Poul Christian Matthiessen)

Finally some demographers speak out. Common sense from honest experts.

Translated form Jyllands-Posten (not online) via Uriasposten:

“… The flow of refugees that Europe has experienced over the past years is nothing compared to what may come in the future, says Danish demographer Professor Emeritus Poul Christian Matthiessen, who through his work at the University of Copenhagen forA�five decades has researched population growth and immigration.

‘The refugees we see now is only a ripple compared to the huge waves that can come in the future. There are around one billion people in Africa, but in only 15 years there will be one and half billion people and by 2050 about 2.5 billion, according to The United Nations’ population projections. When conditions are precarious in several African states with civil war and economic distress, more Africans seek to come to Europe,’ says Matthiessen and continues:

‘The refugee industry is continuously evolving with new means of transport and altered trafficking routes. The knowledge in Africa about European living conditions increasesA�every year through feedback from the refugees who have already slipped into a European country. And while the flood of refugees was formerly of an individual character, it has now developed into an escape from poor living standards, civil war, mass unemployment, dictators and local conflicts. This not only includes people from Africa. The Syrians are a clear example. Obviously some of them are individually persecuted, but that is far for all of them.’ …

The British demographer, Professor Emeritus David Coleman, who has studied at Oxford University, agrees with Matthiessen in that the flow to Europe will be even greater in the future.

‘The demographic, economic and political pressure certainly points in that direction. Most of the demographic movement will be in Africa and for various reasons, including the Middle East and in poor, mainly Muslim parts of Asia, where the outlook is not encouraging. …

‘… It’s a question of how Europe should develop in the future. We have a population of around half a billion. If the population is largely mixed up with people from a different culture, then Europe becomes a less stable society where the European values of democracy, freedom of expression, gender equality, and support for the secular law may come under pressure. Especially larger groups of people holding on to an orthodox interpretation of Islam are coming, ‘says Matthiessen. …

‘The real solution in Europe is to make the same policy that traditional immigration countries such as the USA operates with, that is, with an emphasis on scoring systems, sought professional skills, sponsors and the like. There is a need for greater cooperation between European countries. To only accept those who arrive here and who can not be denied, is the worst possible model,’ says Dick van de Kaa. …

The three demographers call on European leaders to oppose the UN Refugee Convention of 1951, which is the convention, European countries must adopt concerning refugees’ asylum applications.

Poul Christian Matthiessen says:

‘The UN Refugee Convention was created in the years after World War II and has been in force since 1951. Today it is outdated …’

The British demographer David Coleman agrees:

… ‘And you have to remember that the number of voters with an immigrant background in several countries is large and has reached a level, including possibly in Britain, where parties that wish to tighten immigration policy and asylum policy may find it still harder to get elected, ‘says Coleman. …

‘I know that the term Fortress Europe sounds hard, but if it is necessary to preserve the values we hold dear, so be it. This does not mean that we should not help those in need. But that does not necessarily mean that they have to come up here either. It is grotesque that it is those who have the money to pay the smugglers who come up here. Maybe it should be those who do not have money, we want to help instead. It is in fact very irrational that they come up here, and then we spend a lot of money on trying to integrate them, which we often cannot. …’ Says Matthiessen.”


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  1. Ja, man kan virkelig forundres: David Coleman bruger fortsat kunstproduktet fertilitet-estimater i stedet for fertilitet til at projicere udviklingen i Europa i sine arbejder. Poul Christian Matthiessen anerkendte de danske fejlbegreber ‘índvandrere´og ‘efterkommere’, og han var endda rådgiver for Danmarks Statistik, da begreberne så dagens lys i 1991.

    David Coleman var rådgiver for den britiske regering i rush-perioden under Blaer, hvor de væltede ind i UK. Helt parallelt hermed slog P. C. Matthiessen sig på fødestedet, som det ene afgørende i begyndelsen af 1990’erne.

    David Coleman får nogle direkte modstridende værdier for fertiliteten for flere europæiske lande og dens tilpasning i modtagelandene i sine arbejder. P. C. Matthiessen fik med fejlbegreberne søvngænger-agtigt fjernet al væsentlig indflydelse fra indvandrenes fødsler på fødselstallet i Danmark blandt forældre af udenlandsk herkomst, fordi begreberne simpelthen ‘smuttede en generation’, der blev kaldt danskere uanset herkomsten. Vi nåede sågar dertil, at begrebet herkomst i Danmark skulle fejlagtigt kunstforandres i newspeake af de nye fejlbegreber.

    Og så kommer de efterfølgende med: “Se hvad vi har lavet”.

    Perspektiverne for Norge, Tyskland og UK ses nemmest og mindst fejlbehæftet på:

    Ebbe Vig

  2. How is it when the average man(or woman)on the street says this,they are accused of racism and islamophobia? Tommy Robinson said practically the same and look what happened there,Mr.Farage has said similar,and been greeted with howls of indignation.The truth is the truth no matter who says it,and I totally agree with the two professors.

  3. Excellent article, thanks. The EU is aiding and abetting industrial-scale people-trafficking by making member states receive these shiploads of invaders. It is complicit.

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