Psychiatrist: Charlie Hebdo jihadis are not crazy or psychopaths, they are simply Islamic fundamentalists

(Photo above: Henrik Day Poulsen, Psychiatrist, Ph.D.)

This psychiatrist actually hasA�some important points.

Translated from Berlingske:

“Our laws are not geared to understand or cope with the fundamentalist mind. Their perception of reality is completely undistorted, which isA�opposite the insane person, whose mind is completely chaotic and would therefore never be able to plan a professional attack such as the one we witnessed in Paris Wednesday this week. …

And here we find a very important point where you have to understand how a fanatic thinks. They break all the social norms and rules that we take for granted. Norms like respect, fairness, consideration and trustworthiness become secondary to the fight for that which the fanatic wants to achieve. The goal justifies the means. Untrustworthiness, falsehood, deceit and manipulation is fully acceptable when acting in the name of God. Even though the scripture says that one is not allowed to lie.

Understanding such standards is important when trying to understand a fanatic. And if you understand the fanatical mind, you will know why constructive dialogue is impossible. Obviously, a fanatic will show up and discuss with politicians, as we see in the media, but when the camera is turned off and everyone has gone home, they laugh into their beard and prepare the next fanatical deed. In the name of God, of course.

It is well known that psychopaths lie, manipulate, steal and kill for personal gain. The thrill of committing crimes is often also a key motivation. Most people can understand the psychopathic mind, and we have great experience in handling them in a democratic society. We have laws, courts and police to lock them up. But if you think that the Muslims in GrimhA?jmoskeen (Danish mosque famous for sending jihadis to Syria) or the terrorists in Paris are “just” a bunch of psychopathic criminals, you make a serious mistake.

The psychology of a fanatic is often quite different, although their tendency to speak with two tongues, lie and distort the truth may look like the usual psychopathic jailbird.

A very good illustration of the difference between a psychopath and a fanatic is the fact that the two French brothers of North African descent … almost in a provocative manner left their identity cards in the getaway car. A normal, experienced criminal would never be so stupid, since this obviously increases the risk of being discovered and caught. This action reads like a suicide bomber who knows that he or she will die with 100 percent certainty. A true psychopath will do anything to escape and will instead hire a “useful idiot” to do the dangerous and dirty work.

The two brothers did the dirty work themselves and are proud of it. They are heroes and are probably already hailed as heroes on various Muslim extremist websites. If they wereA�caught and sentenced to life in prison, they would continue their dissemination of fundamentalist Islam inside the prison, because our prison system does not take into account the danger that such people represent. …

In my opinion we should have special departments for fundamentalist Muslims in prison, so they do not have the opportunity to indoctrinate the paltry jailbird Mohammed or Ismael sentenced for drug crime or violence, and who experience themselves marginalized in society and as treated unfairly.

Our legislation is simply not geared to understand and cope with the fundamentalist mind.”

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  1. Dear Psychiatrist
    However much I hate physical violence I equally detest violence that uses non-physical forms of expression, whether artistic or not; but which are produced with a clear focus to harm a person or people by ridiculing them or their religion, race, country with no other purpose but to humiliate their value system or way of life, etc.; as clearly demonstrated by your beloved psychopath known now as the “Charlie Hebdo” of Paris. Muslims tried to stop this pathological, so to speak, “freedom of expression” through the equally insensitive French legal system which, in each case, has given the green light to produce and spread anti-Islamic filth; justifying their decisions in terms of freedom of speech in our democracy.
    Does Corporate Charlie Hebdo express respect to others with their cartoons and clowning satires? Does Corporate Charlie Hebdo promote peace? If so, they should be awarded the Nobel Prize perhaps!
    To my mind your eristical response as a psychiatrist, and to which I am responding here, is sickening. Perhaps your statement should find its way to the next edition of the infamous magazine, including your cartoon as the Charlie Psychiatrist.
    I agree with you, however, (as the former forensic psychologist) that Charlie Hebdo jihadis are not crazy or psychopaths, they are simply Islamic fundamentalists. My prediction is that unless lampooning Muslims and Islam stops, these fundamentalists or their clones, will also not stop their mission. They do not need fear us, the Christians, because Jesus taught us to “give the other cheek” since the Jews were stoning to death their fellow Jews who dared to exercise their freedom of speech.

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