Psychologist: psychotherapy for jihadis a�?naive and impossiblea�?

(Photo above: Jihadis at a Saudi group therapy session)

I would say that the only way to make sure that Jihadis can not threaten our societies is to prevent them from being able to come here. And that those who are already here – including their supporters – are jailed for life in prisons outsourced to the Third World. The only effective treatment is medical – not psychological.

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Psychologist: psychotherapy for jihadis a�?naive and impossiblea�?
By: Nicolai Sennels, psychologist

Denmark, SwedenA�and USAA�are among the countries trying to counter Islamic terrorism by sending jihadis to psychologists. As an experienced psychologist within the field of treating violent and fundamentalist Muslims, I would say that the approach of stopping terrorism with psychotherapy is naive and impossible.

As a former psychologist in a Danish youth prison I have had more than a houndred Muslim clients (seven out of 10 inmates in Danish youth prisons are Muslims). You can read about my psychological findings here: Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological DifferencesA�- just google my name for more articles. I developed a kind of therapy that took into account the Muslim clients’ cultural back ground, focusing on anger, victim mentality and relaxation. The therapy was successful in the way that it caught the interest of the Muslim clients, as more than 90 percent of the Muslim inmates voluntarily came for therapy. Word about my methods and success spread outside the prison, and has been described in Danish magazines for professional social workers and therapists. I have also given interviews to newspapers and national radio about my therapeutical techniques. I even wrote a book about it, which recieve many fine reviews, including in the official magazine from The Danish Union for Psychologists (Dansk Psykologforening). Because of my expertise on the topic, I have been invited to consult in the court case against the terrorist Omar Khadr, the youngest prisoner on Guantanamo.

My conclusion from working with criminal and fundamentalist Muslims is, that psychotherapy is the least useful – if not a complete waste of tax payers money – method to stop Muslim violence. Such high-profile programmes may even contribute to the problems, since they can lure both decission makers and the public into thinking that something effective is being done about the problems, while in fact the problem with Islamic inspired violence grows every day. It also takes focus away from the real problem: Islam. Islamic terorrism is not the result of a mental illness. It is the result of people following the Quran and the example of Muhammed. If you want to go to the source of Islamic terrorism, it is not in the terrorists childhood, it is in their religion.

The fact that there has not been published any credible reports about success with therapy against terrorism speaks for itself.

Here is, what a psychologist is up against, when treating jihadis:

1) Many violent Muslims have already been at psychologists, either during school or in prisons. It obviously did not work.

2) If a jihadi leaves his terrorist carreer, he will be seen as a hypocrite by his fellow fundamentalist friends. Leaving the jihadi path means that he will lose his friends and have to leave a way of life what has given him the feeling of strength, identity, belonging, self-confidence, invincibility, status and the promise of 72 virgins.

3) One thing is to not actively joining the jihadi path. Another is to having joined it and then leavning it. Because the latter means that you are discarding a central pillar in Islam, something that is an obligation to all Muslims. As with so many other things in Islam, the penalty is death.

4) To be receptive to therapy, one has to want it. Nobody believes in forced psychotherapy, and considering the above mentioned hindances, it is difficult to imagine that a significant amount of jihadis will take such an offer voluntarily.

Try medicine
There are many unwanted psychological states that can not be treated with therapy. One is psychopathy. I believe, out of logical reasons and as an experienced psychologist within the field of criminal Muslims, that treating jihadis with therapy is another. Therapy for jihadis is, at most, a way for politicians to try and calm the public by signaling that “something is being done about the problems”.

If one wants to work with dangerous mental states, I would advise trying medicine. Medicine is already used in treating sexual offenders and some types of violent aggression. How motivated would an Islamic State fighter be if he was medicated in a way that made his aggression and sexual lust disappear? Try that, either spread like powder from an airplane over Raqqa or with individuals. Why not?

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  1. “I would say that the only way to make sure that Jihadis can not threaten our societies is to prevent them from being able to come here”.
    Many people with multicultural tendency would not like the comment. They will reject it as too far right. Alas this is the naked truth. Jihadists and Salafi Muslims have total different values. They do not correlate in any way with Western values. Islam, as religion, has lot in common with values of a Colombian or Mexican drugs cartel. It is based on expanse, murder and other atrocities. Their pathological leader Allah has the same character as the Colombian Pablo Escobar or Joaquín Guzmán of the Mexican “Sinaloa Cartel”. Though, there is difference between Allah and his human “Brothers in Arms”. Escobar is already dead and Guzmán will die or be arrested on due course. Allah is immortal. He cannot be tracked down, arrested, brought to trial and jailed. The only way to get rid of him,. is to take care that there would be as less as possible of his gang members around.

  2. Does Islam not look quite a lot like learned psychopathy?

    Regarding the interaction in the West between Muslims and an indigenous population cowed by political correctness, could it not be described as “Psychopathy meets Neurosis”?

  3. Subject: Jihadi John

    When a native Brit goes to Middle East, he is called a voluntary fighter. When a Muslim goes there he is called a terrorist. Double standard by the British society. Also lot of British Jews went to Israel to fight but on their return no action was taken against them.

    The three Jihadi Muslim girls, missing Bradford family of 12 and the Jihadi John were in a wrong place at a wrong time in a non-Muslim school with non-Muslim teachers during their developmental periods. They suffer from identity crises. They are unable to enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. They were not radicalised at a non-Muslim school, says principal. But the school with non-Muslim teachers are responsible to create identity crises. Muslim children must be in state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers as role models during their developmental periods. There is no place for a non-Muslim child or a teacher in a Muslim school. Why should we be surprised? They have gone through a rotten education system where there is no consequences for anything and they have grown up in a rather pathetic, wet nation with a liberal criminal justice system which actually seems to view law upholding people with pure contempt. Jihadi John has been identified, tried and convicted by the media. Surely this would prejudice any criminal case against him. In my opinion, he was also radicalised by MI5. To stop radicalisation of teens we need to find out the cause. We will get no where if all we do is just condemn but to actually stop this we need to find the cause and stop immediately, that includes All the way from extremist imams to extremist family members AND the pressure and the factor some of the security forces have upon teens.

    British schools are not doing enough to tackle racism and promote race relations. Many teachers are unaware of racist attitudes amongst pupils. Schools have a responsibility not only to deal with racist incidents but also to prepare pupils for life in a multicultural and multiracial society.

    Children from minority groups, especially the Muslims, are exposed to the pressure of racism, multiculturalism and bullying. They suffer academically, culturally and linguistically: a high proportion of children of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin are leaving British schools with low grades or no qualification.

    In education, there should be a choice and at present it is denied to the Muslim community. In the late 80s and early 90s, when I floated the idea of Muslim community schools, I was declared a “school hijacker” by an editorial in the Newham Recorder newspaper in east London. This clearly shows that the British media does not believe in choice and diversity in the field of education and has no respect for those who are different.

    Muslim schools, in spite of meagre resources, have excelled to a further extent this year, with two schools achieving 100% A-C grades for five or more GCSEs. They beat well resourced state and independent schools in Birmingham and Hackney. Muslim schools are doing better because a majority of the teachers are Muslim. The pupils are not exposed to the pressures of racism, multiculturalism and bullying.

    A Muslim is a citizen of this tiny global village. He/she does not want to become notoriously monolingual Brit. The whole world belongs to Muslims. He/she must learn and be well versed in Standard English to follow the National Curriculum and go for higher studies and research to serve humanity. At the same time, he/she must learn and be well versed in Arabic, Urdu and other community languages to keep in touch with their cultural heritage and enjoy the beauty of their literature and poetry. For a Muslim English is an economic language and Arabic is a religious while Urdu and other community languages are social and emotional.

    In Islam there is no commandment to kill people by making such allegations against them. The cartoonists had exercised their freedom of expression, and freedom of expression is totally allowed in Islam. Even during the Prophet’s time there were several instances of ridicule, however the Prophet and his Companions neither punished such persons nor asked anyone to do so. On every occasion of this kind, the Prophet’s Companions always tried to positively disseminate the message of Islam. They never tried to punish these people. The killing of those people who had published the cartoons is a gravely un-Islamic act in the name of Islam. What did killing Saddam Hussain do. What did killing Osama Bin laden do? NOTHING!!!. There is a long long line of replacements. I don’t know the answers. He was asked by MI5 to join them…so you know he is working for them.

    None of 7/7 bombers and British Muslim youths who are in Syria and Iraq are the product of Muslim schools. They are the product of British schooling which is the home of institutional racism with chicken racist native teachers. It is absurd to believe that Muslim schools, Imams and Masajid teach Muslim children anti-Semitic, homophobic and anti-western views. It is dangerously deceptive and misleading to address text books and discuss them out of their historical, cultural and linguistic context.

    Bilingual Muslims children have a right, as much as any other faith group, to be taught their culture, languages and faith alongside a mainstream curriculum. More faith schools will be opened under sweeping reforms of the education system in England. There is a dire need for the growth of state funded Muslim schools to meet the growing needs and demands of the Muslim parents and children. Now the time has come that parents and community should take over the running of their local schools. Parent-run schools will give the diversity, the choice and the competition that the wealthy have in the private sector.

    There are hundreds of state primary and secondary schools where Muslim pupils are in majority. In my opinion all such schools may be opted out to become Muslim Academies. This mean the Muslim children will get a decent education. Muslim schools turned out balanced citizens, more tolerant of others and less likely to succumb to criminality or extremism. Muslim schools give young people confidence in who they are and an understanding of Islam’s teaching of tolerance and respect which prepares them for a positive and fulfilling role in society.

    • Iftikhar Ahmad, you are most certainly one of those inbred morons, the psychologist is talking about elsewhere. You have not even got the Western way of disputing. You are eager to present yourself as an intellectual but all of your arguments leading nowhere. Typical camel-shit! Maybe you can fool some gay British professors with your pseudo-babble. But not here, brother! Peace V

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