Q & A with Nicolai Sennels: “How to stop Islam?”

I got an interesting email from a reader the other day with some very relevant questions that I think are similar to the ones that many others have. It developed into a friendly Q & A – here it comes:

Q & A with Nicolai Sennels “How to stop Islam”

Reader: Dear Nicolai. I hope you get time to give even a quick response, I’m really interested in and grateful for your opinion. I suppose the short question is what to constructively do with all this information about Islam? I’m a musician and businessman, not a politician or some kind of ‘ologist’ that can professionally contribute to the narrative. What can I do to make sure that my kids and grandkids not only understand and value freedom, but also have it?

My first question is: You are very publicly vocal about the threat of Islam, do you have to have protection?

Nicolai: I have no protection. I am regularly in contact with the police about my security but until now I have not heard about any real threats.

Anyway, we are all in danger of Islam taking over. Whether or not we stand up and speak out, Islam will be knocking on everybodys’ doors very soon anyway. Just look at how the recent Islamic terror attacks – which are all completely in line with the Quran and Muhammed’s example – changed the whole atmosphere in our countries. These attacks planted a small seed of fear in everybody, because now we all know that it will happen again.

Several European countries have already stationed troops permanently on the streets. Think about it: Our countries have to use soldiers against their own citizens, inside their own countries. I guess some would call that a kind of civil war. And what are we to answer, when our children and grand children ask why there are soldiers with automatic riffles patrolling around their neighbourhood? They will grow up in a world where it is “normal” with soldiers on the streets, and with increasingly frequent reports of actual or foiled Islamic terror attacks. Thousands of our beautiful European cities now have Muslim ghettos, where our secular, Western authorities find it ever more difficult – even dangerous – to uphold the rule of law, while Islamic fundamentalists are safe to rule. It is becoming an utopic dream for more and more non-Muslims to live in safe distance from these areas. Especially many single mothers can not afford to live elsewhere, and can not afford to put their children anywhere else than in the local, islamized school, where their children are being mocked or even beaten for their ham sandwiches and for not fasting during Ramadan.

One of our most important jobs is to make sure that people are not mentally adapting to this development. We must never get used to such escalated situations! But how to prevent that, when future generations will never have known anything else? We have to again and again incist on freedom and peace, and remind people of our values and cultural traditions. Freedom always had enemies – totalitarian regimes (Nazi Germany), ideologies (Communism) or religions (Islam). Freedom always has to be protected and fought for. Ronald Reagan: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the West where men and women were free.” One just have to look at Nazi Germany in the 1930’s, at Iran in 1979 or on Eastern Ukraine today, to understand how quickly things can change. We have lived in exceptional times, where we for decades could enjoy living in a high culture without any real threats. That gave space for incredible jumps in possibilities for human development and freedom – cultural, spiritual and sexual freedom most of all. But the times, where we could relax is over, and whoever feels like a protector have to get their hands out of their pockets. Today this first of all means protecting free speech and keeping Islam’s intolerant, hostile and violent culture away from public space: Any kind of Islamisation, enforcement of Sharia, must be fought, stopped and rolled back. Every time sharia is introduced somewhere, a piece of our own, fine culture is pushed aside to accommodate a religion that preaches submission, hate, violence and death. And islamisation makes it easier for Islamic fundamentalists unwilling to adapt or integrate into our secular societies, to settle here. And we do not need more of these people. Islam has to adapt to our Western culture and values, not the other way around. We have to insist on this, even if it puts our safety or carreer at risk, even if we lose a few political correct friends, even if our family does not agree or understand us, even if we in the process have to spend a bit of money and time on it.

Shakespear said: a�?A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero only one.a�? So do not give in to any kinds of fear. Be compassionate and wise, act energetic and with strong determination. We are all here only for a short time. So make your life significant and meaningful.

Reader: In history the Nazis vilified the Jews and published all kinds of propaganda against them – how can we ensure that we don’t fall in to that trap, of vilifying and dehumanising Muslims? Or maybe another question is how can we show that what is being said about Islam and Muslims is true and not propaganda?

Nicolai: We are not against people, we are against their ideology. We always look for win-win solutions and underline that the first victims of Islam are the Muslims, who are born into a totalitarian ideology that deny its followers every basic human right such as Free Speech and the freedom to chose their own religion, partners, lifestyle, clothing etc. Instead, Islam tells them to treat each other and the rest of us in ways that only fill their lives and minds with ever more pain.

We want to reform Islam by poiting out its obvious faults and dangers. Until this reform one day may happen, we have to keep it out of our societies by stopping the flow of Muslims to our countries and removing any kind of islamisation of our societies. We will happily help poor or percecuted people in their own regions – and make refugee camps for them in a climate and culture that they feel home in. This is also more compassionate since we can help far more people for the same money, and at the same time limit the problems with Muslim crime and and Islamic terror in our own societies. This is the only win-win that I can see. There are actually many good reasons to reject Islamic refugees: 10 good reasons to reject refugees coming to the West.

Reader: In some ways I feel it is fair to compare Islam with a virus or parasite. Another comparison is that Muslims’ brains have a totally different computer operating system installed in comparison to let’s say genuine citizens of a free democratic society, their OS won’t allow installs of our software, it’s incompatible, the way they function is totally different, and in some ways their programming is flawless in that it totally focuses on the eventually dominance of Islam and surviving, no matter what until, that point…… there are no rules or moral code, just survive, no matter what.

So what is the long term solution? The parasite is already in the host (Muslims are already strongly in Europe), their operating system is robust and they have fully functioning software installed and running well.

From a psychological point of view would it be possible to wipe the Islamic OS and install something new? Is such a vast psychological undertaking even possible on a small scale?

Nicolai: Concerning your question on Islam’s ability to survive and restist reformation through centuries, here is my analysis: Nicolai Sennels: a�?Cultural psychology: How Islam managed to stay medieval for 1,400 yearsa�?

While the rest of the world changed upside down several times the past 1,400 years, Islam proved to be completely resistant to any significant change. This is because Islam has so many self-defence mechanisms, including death penalty for apostacy and non-literal interpretation of its scriptures, a ban on marriage with non-Muslims and a general hateful, violent and even genocidal attitude towards everything non-Islamic.

The punishments and social control with Islam is simply so vast and brutal, that not a single freedom loving Muslim managed to survive attempting to reform his religion. At least not in a long lasting effect, that could lit the fire of larger reformation.

In fact, it seems that everytime Islam reforms, it reforms into an ever more literal interpretation of the Quran and Muhammeds example – which means an ever more murderous and mysogenic movement. Just look at our West European cities today: houndreds of thousands of Muslims live in them, they are born and raised in our humanistic, democratic societies, but still they stick to their own culture and values. and still so many of them – probably a majority of the young – support the literal, violent, jihadi version of Islam: Generation Jihad is here!A�80 percentA�of young Turks in Holland see a�?nothing wronga�? in waging Jihad against non-Muslims.A�27 percentA�of all young French andA�14 percentA�of all young British under 25 sympathize with the genocidal terror organisationA�Islamic State. This includes most probably the vast majority of young Muslims in these two countries. These horrific numbers fit well with the fact thatA�75 percentA�of Muslims in Europe think that theA�QuranA�must be taken literally.”

Lots of horrific, must-know statistics here: Who is Generation Jihad and Surveys: Majority of Europeans is against spread of Islam.

I get your point with using the term “virus” but I advise against comparing anything with animals or diseases. We are in the business of removing ignorance and fear. Better spend your time on informing people on details in Islam (the Quran, Muhammed etc.) and supporting existing movements and protecting society: Blogging, translating articles and news, being active on social media, writing letters to editors and politicians, supporting relevant organisations and parties, joining peaceful and democratic demonstrations, putting up stickers and posters, and staying informed and training yourself in talking about the subject in fact-based and sympathetic style is probably the best you can do.

And if you feel like a protector on a physical level, I advise joining the National Guard. I am in the Danish National Guard, which means that I have extensive training in first aid, and I am trained to help the police and in using different firearms. If you are in the National Guard, you are on the list of people who can be called in case of terror. I was e.g. called when an Islamic State fighter committed terror in February 2015 in Copenhagen. I was stationed on a local army baracs, fully dressed in uniform etc., ready to move out and help the police secure certain areas of Copenhagen in case more terrorists would start shooting. Luckily nothing happened and after 6 hours we were sent home again. But who knows what happens next time? It feels better than to just sit at home watching the news, without the possibility and training to secure the order and safety that the terrorists try to destroy.

I can very easily imagine that we will come to a point where Islam will be banned for inciting hatred and violence. Such a ban will of course be the reason for many Muslims to feel religiously percecuted and Islam to be critisised, which unleashes some very bloody verses from the Quran and the Hadiths. Taking the fight and enforcing such a ban will take enormous ressources and have severe costs.

I do not think that we can fully rid the West from the danger of Islamic violence and war – Jihad – without effectively pacifying every, or almost every, jihadi.

Waging or supporting Jihad is already to be catogorized as treason, since it involves joining a foreign power that has declared war on your own country. I do not support death penalty – I think it brutalizes a country and peoples’ way of thinking – but I do support life time prison to murderous traitors and that their prisons are outsourced to miniminze the costs and make sure that any escapees will not run around here in the West.

Reader: My recurring thought is that Muslim woman and latent-apostates are part of the long-term solution. I can’t really clearly explain this, but my feeling is that if Muslim woman in the EU were somehow made aware of their freedom in the EU, that they had a voice, had rights, we’re not property, then the problem could be halted and reduced. If these woman stopped having large families, married who they chose etc etc…. then a really big part of the potency of Islam’s push for dominance would be removed. I was brought up to believe that woman were made of sugar and spice and all things nice, actually my experience is this simply is not true, woman have the potential to be as vile as any man. However I do think that woman latently have more ability to be diplomatic, to search for real compromise, to nurture, to use wisdom and not anger…… something in all this tells me Muslim woman hold the key that will dismantle Islam’s ever tightening grip on Europe and the USA.

Same goes for what you call latent apostates, if Muslims who somehow found fault with the doctrine of Islam somehow felt it was really genuinely safe to ‘come out’ and even speak-up, if they were really protected by law, then I think many would disown Islam (apparently 50% of Mohamed’s original Muslims quit when he died, then followed the Apostasy Wars that either wiped-out or re-claimed these pioneering apostates). The key is removing the fear, in particular I think the fear of retribution has to be genuinely and completely removed for this to even start to happen.

Question is politically how?

Nicolai: You question shows that you think there is hope that Islam reform itself and suddenly turn peaceful. This hope is what keeps so many people from acting: They hope that Islam will fix it self, so they do not have to get out of their own comfort zones by having to act. I am completely sure that a ban on Islam in the West will be necessary before any significant, positive Islamic reformation may or may not occur.

So my advise is: keep hoping if you like, but do not let your hope keep you from acting. Islam is here now, it has never changed, and things are developing so fast, that just sitting with folded hands, reading books about how dangerous Islam is and hoping that the problem will solve by itself will be suicide and you will wilfully have escaped your democratic responsibility for the freedom and safety of future generations. The only known place with life in this universe will be a planet floating through ice-cold space, where sharia has enslaved every living person. An Islamic prison planet. Is that how the pinacle of the evolution of man will end? Hope as much as you like, but get activated now. You will be proud to tell you grand children if you do, and a disgrace if you do not.

Reader: So my last question is about politics. Maybe I am very un-informed or just plain naive, but I just don’t get why politicians in the West don’t understand this problem and take decisive action? I am moderately intelligent, I’ve found and read and contemplated a lot of information about Islam. It’s not that difficult to do. Most of what I have read is very practical and evidentially backed-up with provable examples and accurate references to relevant texts.

Most politicians are educated and intelligent, how can it be possible that they are not aware of the facts about Islam? Why is it that seemingly only one politician in Europe (Geert Wilders) seems to understand this? OK maybe there are others, so Geert’s party for example, but it’s a minority. I don’t understand this? Am I heading towards some conspiracy theory that I don’t know about? How can someone as lucid and rational and seemingly freethinking and liberal as Barrack Obama just blank this and keep saying Islam is a religion of peace? My brain cannot fathom this?

Nicolai: I found three psychological reasons for political correctness (Nicolai Sennels: Psychological Explanations of Political Correctness).

I do not know about Obama and Hillary Clinton, who both seem to support Islam where ever they can. Maybe they try to be smart in the same way that CIA tried to be smart by supporting the Taliban against the Soviet. We all know how that ended. Or maybe Obama has been so strongly influenced by Islam in early childhood that he has a psychological barrier against fighting his country’s enemy number 1. Or maybe he and Hillary are anti-emperialists, who would like to see power more equally distributed, no matter what kind of values different cultures have. I do not now. Fact is that they are siding with Islam every time and refuse to speak out against the what drives Islamic terrorism: The Quran and Muhammed.

When it comes to psychological explanations of political correctness in general, here is what I found (Nicolai Sennels:A�Psychological Explanations of Political Correctness):

One is the socalled By-stander Effect. The bystander effect is a psychological phenomenon that explains why people remain passive during emergencies.

Research on the bystander effect started in connection with the murder of Kitty Genovese in 1964, when several neighbors remained passive while they watched Genovese being stabbed to death.

An example of psychological research in the bystander effect is a study in which a woman pretends she faints. If the subject is alone, he will help the woman in 70 percent of cases. If there are several people present, only 40 percent of subjects help the woman.

The bystander effect makes spectators to a disaster tend to watch othersa�� reaction a�� instead of the situation itself a�� as a way to assess the seriousness of a situation. As people in many cases await each othera��s reaction, rather than take the initiative, the result may be that nobody does anything a�� since all are waiting to see if somebody else does something.

A second explanation is pluralistic ignorance. Pluralistic ignorance is a social psychological phenomenon in which the majority of a group individually reject a norm (e.g. Muslim immigration), but at the same time suppose that the majority accepts the norm. As a result of the desire to be well-regarded by the majority, people accept the norm, even though they secretly oppose it. In this way a democratic process can lead to the acceptance of norms which the majority actually oppose.

The third explanation is a theory of my own. It is based on the assumption that in all cultures and societies there exists a definition of what a�?a good persona�? is. Out of a desire to feel liked and part of the community, most people have a psychological drive to live up to the definition of a�?a good persona�?.

Nowadays it is a widespread view that a�?tolerance and opennessa�? characterize a�?good personsa�?. This includes a provision that criticism of minorities and othersa�� standards is a�?bada�?. Thus we have ended up in a situation where criticism of Muslim immigration and Islamic religious and cultural standards has become socially unacceptable.

Reader: Some one handed my an essay recently (which I have yet to read), the topic is OPEC and the EU, and how in the 60’s many prominent leaders sold-out to OPEC and that Eurabia is their long term objective…. Worth reading? Or conspiracy theory.

Nicolai: Concerning dirty deals between OPEC, the Muslim Brotherhood etc. and the West: I find it difficult to believe that Islam’s success have not been aided through conspiracies with Western authorities and financial institutes.

Of course we have to be aware of such things, including how EU and UN is a danger to democracy. We have to leave any agreements preventing us from securing peoples’ safety through border control and responsible policies on immigration and our way of handling the refugee crisis. But when that is said and done, we have to keep our eyes on the ball: Islam. If we drift away in conspiracy theories, it is probably just another excuse by our ego to keep us from leaving our comfort zone and confront a dangerous enemy head on.

In a democracy, every single person has the possibility and the responsibility for the development of our societies. That is the very core of democracy: the people rule. We, not some kaiser or the local office for social welfare, holds the future of our children and grand children in our hands. Welfare societies has a tendency to remove the unpleasent feeling of responsibility and to numb the survival instinct. East Europe and China has less welfare. And while East Europeans, because of having been under the Soviet Union, are able to sniff out totalitarian ideologies very fast, Chinese has an ancient culture that they are willing to fight for. And neither of these two areas are embarrased about national pride. So on the big scale, I can easily imagine that Europe will be saved from the East this time. In the mean time, we may all need at one point to get our hands out of our pockets.

On an end note, I would like to include a short excerpt from my New Year’s letter (subscribe on 10news.dk): Why We Fight Islam:

“The danger of Islam is very real, it will not go away by itself. Just look at history.

It is our duty to fulfill the responsibility that our forefathers courageously fulfilled, often with great costs: to protect and pass on our hard won values and freedom to future generations, allowing them to pursuit happiness and a chance to develop and live their fullest human potential.

Standing up against Islama��s soldiers and against political correctness activates and increases the most noble human qualities: honesty, bravery, gut feeling, cooperation, hard work, intelligence, and compassion. It is no surprise that one meets the best people in the counter-Islam movement.”

So go out and be the kind of person that the world needs so many more of these days.

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  1. The biggest error is to call Islam a “religion”.
    Islam in first of foremost a political ideology. Just like Nazism it does have certain rituals and beliefs that can be called “religious”, but this is less that 20% of the total.
    Islam is the ideology of Arab supremacism and Arab imperialism.
    Once this is understood, things become clearer and easier.

  2. “The third explanation is a theory of my own. It is based on the assumption that in all cultures and societies there exists a definition of what “a good person” is”

    Roni Stoker Your theory is correct. In all cultures and societies there exists a definition of “what a good person is”. Normally it works that way. But in our situation, it is not normal to accept the idea to be, per definition, good person for bad people. Good for an enemy, who has only one wish …to harm you, your family, take over your country etc. What kind of a leader is a person, who prefer to help an enemy on costs of his own folk and own country? We always bring Vidkun Quisling as an example for betrayal. Fact is that the Germans didn’t really need Quisling, Mussert of Marshall Petain to rule the country. They were occupiers and masters. The German governors of the Netherlands and Norway didn’t have good relationship with both men. They had been accused for being too much Dutch and Norwegian. They were not wholly trusted. The political leaders, of our time, are offering their collaboration with Islam on a basis of free will. Some like to accuse left wingers for the Islamisation of Europe. This is partially true. All mainstream European parties are in the game. The question is why? Personally, I don’t think it has ideological background. The Alpha beasts among them are “kaüflich”, the juniors concentrate themselves on their careers: national or within the framework of the EU. They have the same character features as the people that had climbed up the hierarchical ladder in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union etc.

    Reader: Some one handed my an essay recently. The topic is OPEC and the EU, and how in the 60’s many prominent leaders sold-out to OPEC and that Eurabia is their long term objective…. Worth reading? Or conspiracy theory.
    Nicolai: Concerning dirty deals between OPEC, the Muslim Brotherhood etc. and the West: I find it difficult to believe that Islam’s success have not been aided through conspiracies with Western authorities and financial institutes.
    Roni Stoker This is absolutely not a conspiracy theory. It is a real show. It didn’t take place only in the ’60 …It is taking place right now. Think about the deals that were made with Saddam Hussein to build his bunkers at the time there was an embargo on his country. The Austrian FPO leader Jürg Haider and his deals with Khadaffi http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1300028/Did-Austrian-far-right-leader-Joerg-Haider-receive-funding-Saddam-Gaddafi.html, Jurgen Mollemann Controversial German politician whose career was hit by scandal http://www.theguardian.com/news/2003/jun/10/guardianobituaries.germany
    British top universities and American Ivy League universities are getting large funding from Islamic sources in Saudi-Arabia and the Golf States. The grizzly political-correct of most media outlets are also backed by Muslim money. It is not difficult to understand that corruption in the EU, EP, UN, the boys of Bilderberg and other institutions is sky high. They are working with the same “shadow financial men” who are building mosques everywhere in Europe, back Islamic institutions like CAIR and Hizb ut Tahrir, finance terror attacks and are good friends of ISIS and Al Quida. If we want to stop the Islamisation of Europe, we have first to start by cleaning our political establishment. It should have to look like the de-Nazification of the politic establishment of Germany after WWII.

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