Research: Only 2 percent of refugees are able to work

This is why Daniel Greenfield is right in his articleThe Death of Europe: “The Muslim migrants are meant to be the retirement plan for an aging Europe. [But] the Mohammed retirement plan wona��t save European Socialism. It will bury it.”

Translated from Politiken:

RefugeesUnableToWorkThe figures given by the Ministry of Employment showsA�that by the end of 2015 13,844 refugees in the integration programme, only 282 are able to work here and now.

This corresponds to a share of two percent. The statement distributed the refugees in the 15 largest nationalities.

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  1. Europe is importing a permanent Muslim leisure class with an entitlement mentality and high birthrates. Your leaders are lining your aged in front of ditches and shooting them. The two previous statements are equivalent.

  2. These statistics are not surprising. If the countries the muslims invade would stop paying them to invade there would be fewer of them. The answer is to stop paying for our own destruction. But, of course the elite / and or politicians seem to want to collapse Western Civilization and return to a feudal system that suits those in power and islam. islam, is a CRIMINALLY SAVAGE POLITICAL AGENDA masquerading as a religion. DMH 04/2014

  3. Only two things can save Europe. The first is to kick out all the muslims and the second is for European women to start having more children.
    Funny how European governments will support neither of these solutions.

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