Research: Second generation Muslim immigrant more “radical” than first generation

The below research not only show that Muslims will be more violent, the more generations they live here. It also shows that the more Muslims identify with being Muslim, the more violent they are.

Translated from Information:

“In questionnaires to respectively 226, 257 and 242 Danish Muslims, he has three surveys asked for radical attitudes. He has asked both Muslims, born and raised in Denmark, and Muslims who have come to Denmark later in their lives.

Logically, you might think that refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq who have experienced equating in 2001 and 2003 on their own body, should be most angry with the West.

But Muslims who lived in Denmark at the time when Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, feel that averaged more Muslim, feel more injustice and sympathize more with the idea of using violence to defend Islam than those who even saw the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

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    • Muhanmad was a liar and the father of lies and a murderer from the beginning,

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