Scandal: EU authorities conspiring with North African human smugglers

Last weekend the EU cost guard transported 8,500 people from North Africa to Italy alone. EU says that it “saves” the “refugees” (many of them turn out to be jihadis or fake refugees) from the dangerous travel across the Mediteranian. It is true that the voyage across the Mediteranian can be dangerous. Especially for Christians, since Muslim fellow travellers tend to throw them overboard. But it is the EU that lures millions to do this potentially deadly trip by promising Western welfare to those willing to take the chance. EU should either start offering free transport from Africa to Europe or simply build a bridge. Or theA�EU should start sending all refugees back to local camps. I advise the latter option, and not just because it would make us able to give safety to more pople for the same amount of money – which is more compassionate. But also because it would disuade people from taking the deadly chance. Thereby nobody would die in the attempt to reach EUs shores. And the EU would not have the problem with fake refugees, Jihadis disquising as refugees, or the many other problems connected with the vast and unending stream of often uneducated and criminal refugees. That is how Australia does it (and since Australia introduced this policy, the amount of drowned boat-refugees decrease to zero):

It is obvious that the situation is unsustainable, but as long as our politicians continue to obey the EU and the UN, the human tsunami of refugees seeking the help of European tax payers will continue. According to humanitarian agencies “up to half a million migrants may try to cross the Mediterranean this year – a figure that would dwarf the 170,000 who reached Italy last year.”

Now it turns out that North African Human smugglers are cooperating with EU authorities to send people to Europe. Scandalous.

From Express:

“Trafficking gangs ‘conspiring with officials to smuggle illegal immigrants into EU’

TRAFFICKING gangs ferrying immigrants into the European Union are tipping off officials so coastguards can pick up their boats. …

Gangs are so certain their boats will be picked up theya��re even putting less fuel in the tank because naval vessels will pick them up, a former UK immigration manager has revealed. …

Of the 270,000 migrants who arrived in Europe illegally last year, more than 220,000 of them came through North Africa.”

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  1. The EU is run by totally corrupt and unelected bureaucrats! GET RID OF IT!!!

  2. Being usefull idiot has become an Olympic discipline amongst political elites in the EU as well in most european countries. Add the genuine naïvety (or crimial agenda) mixed with big ego, careerism and corruption, fascist political correctness and no checks & balances. Perfect recipe for chaos, divisiveness, social unrest, decaying economic expectations and limiting basic freedoms. Multiculturalism works fine, until 1 culture declares itself superior to all others. Lebensraum für die Islamitischen Ubermensch verdamt noch mal !! I’d call it multicultural genocide, because Islam is almost autistic vs other cultures. With my pardons to autists and their loved ones.

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