Scandal: “somebody” inside Danish parliament ordered criminal Leftist group to surveil, harrass and find dirt on Islam-critic

(Photo above: Kim MA?ller receiving the yearly prize from the Danish Free Speech Society for his work with the blog, from which 10News translates many articles).

Two days after Kim MA?ller (whom I know personally) had contributed to an article critical aboutA�Pelle Dragsted, known for his affiliation to several violent Leftist groups, “somebody” from the Danish parliament ordered the violence-prone Leftist group, Redox, to surveil, harass and find dirt on Kim MA?ller. Dragsted worked in the parliament at the time when the order was given, but before that, he worked with Redox. Pelle Dragsted is today parliamentary candidate forA�Enhedslisten.

Kim MA?ller with the creator of the famous Mohammed cartoon, Kurt Westergaard
Kim MA?ller (right) with the creator of the famous Mohammed cartoon, Kurt Westergaard (left)

Translated from BT:

A legal document connects one or more persons at Christiansborg (Danish parliament building) with Redox whose members have been convicted of violence and hacking.

For several days, the right-wing blogger, Kim MA?ller, was monitored, and several times activists from the extreme left confronted him atA�his home address. Activists tried to find ‘dirt’ on MA?ller and considered hacking his personal e-mail. All on the ordersA�from one or more persons inside the parliament. …

On 2 October 2009 the administrator of Redox closed communication system said that he had been approached by one or more unnamed persons from Christiansborg.

‘- Our friends inside the parliament called and asked if we would like to try to gather evidence against and to do something about Kim MA?ller, because of the article in BT last weekend…

It was by all accounts a critical article in BT about Pelle Dragsted, that triggered the surveillance of Kim MA?ller.

September 26, 2009 Kim MA?ller contributed to a critical BT article about Pelle Dragsted, who at that time was press adviser for Enhedslisten. In the article Pelle Dragsted was portrayed as a masked leading figure in the violent activist group Anti Fascist Action (AFA). In the article Pelle Dragsted confirms his militant past …

Only two days later – on October 2, 2009 – Redox was contacted by one or more unnamed persons from inside the parliament. Officially, Redox is not part of the far Left, but there are connections between Redox and Anti Fascist Action.

When BT called Pelle Dragsted and asked if it was him who called Redox, he replied:

“I do not remember.”

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