Sharp increase in concern about Islamic violence

(Graph above shows some of the results from the PEW research)





Excerpt and graphs via PEWA�report on extremism concerns: “Worries Especially Widespread in Western Europe and U.S.”:

“As the Islamic militant group ISIS continues to entrench itself in Syria and Iraq, and instigate terrorist attacks around the world, concerns about Islamic extremism are growing in the West and in countries with significant Muslim populations. Since 2011, the percentage saying they areA�very concerned about Islamic extremism in their country has increased 38 percentage points in France, 29 points in Spain, 21 points in the United Kingdom, 20 points in Germany and 17 points in the United States. …

Across the countries surveyed, worries about extremism have risen the most in France.A�In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, two-thirds in France say they are very concerned about Islamic extremism in their country. This is up from 29% in 2011, the last time this question was asked there.

Concern is also high in Spain, where 61% are very worried about the extremist threat.

Roughly half in the U.S. (53%), Italy (53%) and UK (52%) are very apprehensive about extremism in their countries. Among Americans and Brits, this represents around a 20-percentage-point increase in concern since 2011. Meanwhile, 46% of Germans are very concerned, up 20 points from 2011.

Australians, though a world away from the Islamic Statea��s territory, have also experienced a terrorist attack in the past year, when a hostage standoff in Sydney ended in the death of three people, including the gunman. Roughly half in Australia (48%) are very concerned about Islamic extremism in their country.

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  1. I’ve only just found your website but am glad that someone is courageous enough to write truly about the filthy cult of Islam.

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