Sweden: Police attacked with hand grenade, “unprovoked, warlike attacks”

Attacks escalate in Sweden.

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a�?A�Sweden: Police station in Muslim ghetto attacked
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Translated from Den Korte Avis:

“Friday night last week a Swedish police vehicle was hit by an explosion. It happened in Tumba in the Stockholm area.

The newspaper News Today refers to a source in the police that it was a hand grenade. It only damaged the vehicle. …

In the bus were four officers. They could have been killed if they had been sitting in a regular patrol car. But they were sitting in a police bus which provides better protection so that they escaped unharmed from the explosion.

This is a new example of the armed attacks that has become common in and around a number of major Swedish cities. MalmA� and Gothenburg have been particularly hard hit. … This summer the MalmA� area has had one explosion per week in average, plus a number of shootings.

Most of the attacks are between immigrant gangs. But both police and court buildings have been severely assaulted. …

Experience shows that attacks can both be a result of hatred towardsd the Swedish authorities and a more direct battle for control of the local area.

Immigrant gangs react if they get the feeling that the police intensify the efforts in their activities in the criminals’ area. They want to show who is boss, and scare the police. …

The Swedish Police and the Swedish authorities in general are subjected to unprovoked, warlike attacks…”

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  1. Sweden – What happens when psychopathy meets neurosis.

    And yes, I know the rest of us aren’t far behind.

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