Sweden: “There are areas, where Swedish law no longer exists”

(Graph above: number of torched cars in Sweden)

Another situation report from Europe’s sick man. Sweden may be the first – and hopefully last – European country to succumb completely to Islamic violence and Muslim gangs.

a�?A�Sweden: Man gets citizenship and immediately rapes woman because he a�?could no longer be deporteda��
a�?A�Sweden: Muslim homosexual complex on full display as gay parade marches through a�?Muslim areaa�?
a�?A�Sweden falling apart: 30 grenates in half a year in MalmA� alone, surging crime rates, and rapes are rampant
a�?A�Sweden: Video shows police fleeing extreme bombardment with fireworks inside Muslim ghetto
a�?A�Sweden: Muslim rapes woman lying on broken glass
a�?A�Malmo, Sweden: after 36 bombs in 2014 and several attacks on police stations, streets are cordoned off to protect police station against bombings
a�?A�Sweden: Police station in Muslim ghetto attacked
a�?A�Islamized Sweden: Police fire bombed in ambush in Muslim ghetto , a�?youthsa�? attack police station
a�?A�New Sweden: bomb against court building could be heard a�?2-3 kilometers awaya�? (4th bomb this week in Malmo alone)
a�?A�New Sweden: School leader urges parents to follow children to school after series of attacks in Muslim dominated area
a�?A�Horror night in Swedish Muslim ghetto: gang raped, raped until bleeding with a gun, gang raped again

Translated from Den Korte Avis:

Jacob EkstrA�m is policeman. He is tired of keeping silent about the terrible knowledge he has on the development in Sweden.

Large residential areas is developing into enclaves where the authorities are sidelined. These areas are controlled by large family clans, who have formed gangs committing extensive crime. …

On Monday night there were gunfights between several gangs in the immigrant ghetto RosengA?rd in MalmA�. 25 were arrested.

We are losing grip. The last bank moved away from that area after a rocket was shot into the room. The pharmacy was robbed so many times that it eventually closed. The insurance company has moved. There are thrown stones at the police, ambulances and firemen several times a month. It is not even a novelty.

So says Jacob EkstrA�m on the suburbs of Stockholm, where he is police commander.

“It’s no-go-areas”, he says about the areas where a police car who are alone, does not stand a chance.

Last summer triedthe National Police spoke out. They wrote in a report that there are 55 such areas in 22 cities in Sweden.

In these areas there is serious violence, crime, extortion gangs, attacks on police, firemen and journalists. …A�But ghettos continued …

“It’s sensational that there are areas in Sweden where Swedish law no longer exists,”says researcher Lars Korsell in an article.

He says that the gangs emerged in the early or mid-1990s. They were typically formed by immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, Iran, Iraq or Lebanon.

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  1. The law in these areas is Sharia, the only real law. We own Sweden and Danmark now.

      • He is brainwashed. He is not an idiot.

        Muslims do own those parts of Sweden where they are concentrated.

        Only if the Swedes get rid of the multicultural PC mindset do they have a chance to fix an obvious problem. But the damage done by leftist politicians is huge.

        My Swedish ancestors are rolling in their graves.

        Good luck Sweden.

    • Eventually, probably sometime soon, the Swedes are going to run out of tolerance and drive you barbarians out of their country. Once that happens, the rest of Europe will follow suit.

      • Too late for sweden! Who exactly will rise up? The police wont let it happen . The police are the enemy to now as are the teachers, social workers, and other govt workers. Civil war means also fighting the state! Ouch

    • You are clearly a very stupid, juvenile and deluded person . I think Muhammad would have agreed with me and disown you for bringing down disgrace on his religion and, in fact, any religion.

      • Yes, because Muhammad never murdered thousands of people, never raped any women, never pursued a 6 year old girl for a sexual relationship, never stoned women and men to death, never cut people’s heads and hands off, never enslaved children and adults, never slave-traded them, never tortured people to death, never stole others’ lands and goods, never ordered mass-murder, never ordered people be crucified…

        Oh, wait, I just read some of Islam’s own texts… my mistake. Sorry to Muhammad and all Muslims – of course Muhammad did all of the above, and more. In fact the Muslim criminal gangs are actually some of Muhammad’s most peaceful followers.

    • Displaying low intelligence. You cannot even string a sentence together. So many mistakes every time you write something. You are useless.

    • You own nothing. You don’t even own your own mind. You’re brainwasted and complete trash. Your religion is pathetic, sharia, halal, curry , child rape, forced marrage. Sick bunch of morons more like. Go die!

    • Sadly the crusades were not successfull. I hope this time we not only kick muzzies out of the west but pass a law never allow any dealings with muzzies. But i it may be too late for anything. The poor children left to live as dimmies !

  2. Could anyone provide a link, where local Swedes are interviewed about the current and future state of their country and why they continue to vote for the Moderate Party and the Social Democrats? Someone surely has asked this question by now.

    • STANIS,
      I’m a person who’s been living in Stockholm, Sweden for over 30 years now. And yes this is a problem for us. And yes, there are areas outside of the city that I would never go to.

  3. This Situation Not Unexpected and many gave Caution too. But Government gave Deaf Ears to it. At Least Now They should Open the Eyes and Ears and Must Take Steps for the existence of the Country. Muslim Migration is Conspiracy Jihad and they will do their Mission.
    It is for the Government Chalk Out the Preventive Action Plan and Implement, otherwise it will End Up in the Destruction of the Country.

  4. This article is a little missleading.
    I`ve read what he said in swedish and it seems it`s gang violence in general he`s talking about and not just about muslims.

  5. Islam is the most dangerous and destructive organization the world has ever seen. It destroys countries from within, it enslaves the populace to it’s ways and only it’s ways. No country can be prosperous under this cult. All countries ruled or infected by islam suffers, their plan is to destroy from within. The rot of Europe is well under way.

  6. Islam is a religion of miscreants and weasels. Muslims have thoroughly destroyed their supposed homelands (lands stolen from jews and Christians) and now run to the West, (which has prospered under the Judeo-Christian tradition of religions conceding power to secular governments) only to thoroughly destroy it as well. It is perversely ironic that Islam’s most vehement defenders (PC liberals) will ultimately be Islam’s most prized victims.

    Islam is using the West’s liberals to invade the West and ultimately kill the liberals! Amazing!

  7. Publius has it exactly correct. It is indeed sadly ironic that the imbecilic social justice warriors who defend Islam would be the first to be hanged from streetlamps under Sharia.

      • If Allah is real, he is undoubtedly the devil, no god would choose an evil bastard like Mohammad to be his messenger.

  8. Islam is a social blueprint for failure. It uses religion as a disguise to hide the fact it is actually a cult. And it is contagious.

    Any Islam, is too much Islam.

    Every place on the face of the earth where Islam exists is a hell hole. Even a “little bit” of Islam is too much. Ask the people living in Southern Thailand.

  9. It is God who sends these people to west. They are coming not as friends but to take over and subdue the local population. Any one who read Book of Kings 1 and 2 and Chronicles 1 and 2 can figure it very easily. It clearly speak about how God dealt with ancient Israel who deliberately broke His Law.

    Also Dead Sea and place all around, even today stands as a clear proof for just judgement of Almighty God undergone there around BC 1875. God judges adultary and homo sex. No doubt about it.

    Western Nations are run by leaders who hate Jehovah God and His Son. But the consequences will be terrible.

    It is too late for western nations to repent and return to Holy God.


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