Thailand creates “safety zones” for Buddhist monks to protect against Muslim attacks

Muslim fundamentalists are getting an extra harsh treatment in Thailand, Burma and China, and I would not be surprised if a fatwa would order Muslims to attack Buddhist and Buddhist places and “kill them where ever you find them“.

Via Anadoly Agency:

“Thailand’s military has officially asked local administrations in the insurgency-plagued Muslim south to implement a series of special safety measures for Buddhist monks, a day after a fatal attack during an alms gathering round.

Among the measures announced Sunday, provincial governors and districts chiefs must organize ‘special safety zones’ where “the Buddhist monks will be able to collect alms and the Buddhist laypeople will be able to offer donations to the monks,” according to an official document obtained by Anadolu Agency.”

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  1. But but the D., Lamma said islam is peaceful. How could he be so wrong. The Pope to kisses their feet. Surely these Buddhists must be islamaphobic or perhaps just scared of losing their heads. Not sure which but the muslims will come out as the victims again. The stupid Thai government could help by not taking Saudi money. The could also help by actually kicking out muslims before the UN and the left wing nut jobs blames the monks for being monks.Even a left wing american Buddhist e magazine (tricycle) blames burmese people for the troubles in Burma.

  2. This is outrageous – this is modern-day post-communist propaganda and cultural annihilation tactics used against the Burmese, the Thai and also us Europeans, who simply want to defend ourselves against Islam.

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