The Danish queen on Islam: “It is vital that we give Islam a opposition”

In a book written by journalist Annelise Bistruphave, published in April 2005 the Danish Queen Margrethe the 2nd says:

“We are challenged in these years by Islam, both globally and locally, and it is a challenge we have to take seriously. …A�There is something impressive about people for whom religion permeates life from morning to night, from cradle to grave. There are also Christians who feel that way. …

But it [Islam] is a challenge we have to take seriously. We simply let it flutter in too long because we are tolerant, and it’s not so nice. … We should oppose it, and one must sometimes take the risk of being called less flattering things, since there are certain things one should not tolerate. …A�It is vital that we give Islam a opposition. The lax response that has prevailed for many years in Denmark is not enough.”

In an interview giving in connection with the Queen’s 75 year birthday, our beloved Margrethe says (translated from Berlingske):

Seen with the queen’s eyes is an important part of the reaction to the terror that we stand firmly by the key freedoms that Denmark is founded on – including freedom of expression – which makes it possible to speak, write and express ones opinion freely.

“I know there are some who say that we must be careful, and of course we need to think before speaking, but we must certainly also say things the way we think they are. We should not hold back. If you do not speak out about problems they become worse,” said the Queen.

Fear should never be allowed to dominate, although the terrorists are prepared to use violence.

They must first of all know that we are not afraid. They want to scare us, but we must not be intimidated. It is essential. An old expression says that you should not let yourself be scared, is important and I think Danes are not easily scared,” says the Queen. …

The Queen has also observed how individual groups of foreign background turn their back to the Danish society. … “We will make room for them, but they have come to our community, and therefore they can not expect their old model of society to be implemented in our country. They can go to the mosques when they want – why not – but when they start to do things that are inconsistent with the general pattern of Danish society, they must realize that it does not work,” said the Queen.

The terrorist attack (February 14-15 2015 against a free speech even an a Jewish school) has helped to expose the existence of a fierce anger against Israel and Jews among groups of refugees and immigrants in Denmark. For the Queen, it has been painful to follow the harassment and persecution of the Danish Jews, and she is shocked that Jews again – in a completely unacceptable way – are threatened.

“That the Jews are so disliked, feel pressured and feel threatened, is shocking – because they are threatened. They take it with great dignity, as they have always done, but it is shocking to witness.”

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  1. A courageous and wise queen who loves her country and her people.
    Long live queen Marghrete. Finally someone with guts who dares to tell the truth. May the Lord grant her a long and happy life.
    Tomorrow I will go shopping, I ‘ll buy anything Danish
    from blue cheese (which I hate) to kitchen utensils.

  2. TEN YEARS later and NO PROGRESS!
    Yes, she is brave and honest- she can be whereas a politician depending on Muslim votes cannot. They must keep up their lies both for votes and out of fear, that essential ingredient of Islam.
    As for buying Danish goods, you may find that MOST of them are Halal certified- which means your money is supporting terrorism. The only exception would be-DANISH BACON!

  3. Thank you, Queen Margrethe, for voicing the thoughts of your people who’ve been cowed by their Politically-Correct societal ” betters”. The wind of Freedom finally blows again in our land and it give strength to those who hesitate when the situation calls for Truth and Love for your own kith and kin!

  4. The queen might not love Muzzies but the Danish voters love their Muzzies.

    • That was a ridiculous statement. .most westerners are very wary for good reason

  5. The only way to defeat the Muslim savages in Denmark is to get rid of the corrupt EU!!!

  6. I am wholly agreement with the queen. She has the wise opinion. Many east asian people worry about Muslim, Islam. Islam will be the worst danger to all humanity and lives in the earth. In order to save the planet Muslims have to change their own thoughts. They should recognise the faiths of non-muslims. If they do not give up jihad, they may have the effects of their karma of wrong behaviors.

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