The Third Muslim Invasion

(Photo above:A�Srdja Trifkovic from a visit in Copenhagen, 2010).

Chilling warning and inspiring call for resistance by Srdja Trifkovic.

Via Chronicles Magazine:

They came in the early eighth century across the Straits of Gibraltar, unleashing terror and carnage across Iberia a�?like a desolating storm.a�? They were stopped deep inside todaya��s France, at Tours, by Charles Martel in 732. They kept attacking Europe throughout the Middle Ages, but their next sustained assault was at her vulnerable southeastern flank, taking advantage of Byzantiuma��s weakened state after the infamous Fourth Crusade. They conquered Constantinople and destroyed the Christian nations of Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary. They were finally stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683.

Europe seemed safe over the ensuing 250 years of unprecedented demographic, scientific, technological, and geopolitical advance. The a�?sick man on the Bosphorusa�? was reduced to a mere object of European imperial ambitions, while a�?Arabia,a�? irrelevant to the civilized world, remained stuck in its primitive ways.

Then Europe attempted suicide with the Great War, sealed with its sequel in 1939-45. Her subsequent material recovery was a mirage. Dechristianized and focused on the need for cheap labor regardless of its source, she imported millions of Muslim immigrants in the 1960a��s and 70a��sa��Turks to Germany, Pakistanis to Britain, Algerians to France, and a mix of them all to Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria. A generation later a multimillion Muslim diaspora was well established throughout the old continent. Steeped in the Islamic ethos regardless of ethnic origin, it refused integration and created its own infidel-free zones in the French banlieus, Yorkshirea��s industrial cities, and Berlina��s suburbs.

The process has been assisted by Europea��s political elite. In recent years, for example, a Dutch justice minister announced that the Muslim demand for no-go zones and sharia in Holland was perfectly legitimate, while a Swedish government minister declared that a�?we must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.a�? Similar examples are too numerous to mention. By last January, Europe was more than ready to follow the Charlie Hebdo massacre with a wave of morbid self-examination and shrill warnings against a�?Islamophobia.a�?

The Third Muslim Invasion of Europe is entering its mature stage by sea, just like the previous two onslaughts. The difference is threefold. The invaders are not armed warriors but a�?asylum seekers.a�? They can count on a massive infrastructure of Islamic centers and coreligionists to welcome them. And there is no political will to resist them.

Europea��s southern maritime frontier is as porous as Americaa��s on the Rio Grande. Last year 220,000 African and Asian illegal immigrants landed on northern Mediterranean shores. None have been sent back. E.U. border-agency chief Fabrice Leggeri says that up to a million are currently poised to leave Libya alone. It is an eminently Muslim invasion: African Christians making the crossing, a minority, are routinely thrown overboard by their jihadist-minded fellow passengers.

The conquest proceeds unchecked because the elite class does not want it checked. a�?How can it be that we are daily witnessing a tragedy?a�? Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wondered after a boat crammed with hundreds of people overturned off Libyaa��s coast last April. a�?Europe can do more, and Europe must do morea�? to improve rescue missions, declared Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament. Europe must mobilize more ships, more aircraft, French President FranA�ois Hollande said. a�?Words wona��t do anymore,a�? Spaina��s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy told a rally. Pope Francis, addressing a crowd in Saint Petera��s Square, called on political leaders to a�?act decisively and promptly to prevent similar tragedies.a�?

None of these luminaries is suggesting that those rescued should be sent back to Tripoli or Benghazi, or that Europe should do more to prevent the smugglersa�� boats from reaching her shores. Sr. Renzi explicitly rejected calls from the right for a naval blockade and announced that the rescuers would not be returning anyone a�?to chaos and violence in Libya.a�? It can be predicted with mathematical certainty that such policies will only prompt further hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions, to make the crossing.

Forty-two years after The Camp of the Saints came out, Jean Raspail has been proved right. The invaders are not Indians but far more hostile Muslims, yet the result is the same: Our civilization is on the road to disappearance. This applies to all of traditionally Catholic and Protestant Europe. Her current collapse comes from the a�?old Christian virtues gone mad,a�? as Chesterton put ita��the depraved ideology of universal human rights.

The post-Christian liberal West, which has lost its sense of purpose and history, is unable to protect itself from those who want to destroy and conquer it.

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  1. ”Our civilization is on the road to disappearance. This applies to all of traditionally Catholic and Protestant Europe. Her current collapse comes from the “old Christian virtues gone mad,” as Chesterton put it—the depraved ideology of universal human rights.” – end of quote from the article above.

    While fully admitting that the problems depicted in this piece are real and must be solved, I disagree with the last line. The culprit is not ‘universal [vertical] human rights’ but the near absence in the West of horizontal human rights, especially when it comes to freedom of religion and philosophy of life.

    The difference between vertical and horizontal human rights is very simple. Every human rights specialist knows the difference but hardly any politician does. Vertical means: from state to citizen. Horizontal means: between citizens.
    Vertical human rights are well implemented every where in the West. Everyone is free to believe or not to believe whatever they want. But horizontal religious freedom is, especially among muslims, completely absent. They don’t leave each other free to believe or disbelieve, which includes of course the freedom to change one’s religion.
    The prohibition of apostasy and the total disrespect for horizontal religious freedom is what keeps Islam together, without it Islam would have vanished from the Earth as soon as Mohammed died.

    If we manage to really introduce horizontal religious freedom in our societies in the West, Islam will collapse within one generation. We need a lot of effort to make that happen but it can be done. I have outlined it in my book ‘Vrijheid van godsdienst’ (2002), which is in Dutch. ( But the Declaration of the Dutch Support Committee for ex-Muslims, founded in tandem with the Dutch Committee for ex-muslims in 2007, outlines the same ideas in English. See

    This is not a novel idea, this doesn’t require new laws either. All we have to do in the West is to implement article 18 of the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights, see

    The preambule makes it mandatory for the governments of signatories to create an athmosphere were the freedoms that are being mentioned in the Convenant, can be enjoyed by all. Which means in the case of article 18: horizontal religious freedom for all, including all people who were made muslim on the day they were born and those who joined islam later.

    Let’s just do it in every Western country (they are all signatories). It’s the law. And it will solve an immense problem.

    • You’ll be burning in hell with your pedophile piece of shit so called “prophet” Muhammad!

    • Shaniqua mohamed you have been blinded and brainwashed by the ones who are fake. Have you ever seen the real Koran, not the fake one, but the original true Koran. No you never have. because the real Koran does not speak on hate, killing, and war. You believe, raping young girls, 3 years of age and older is what any God would say it is Ok to do that. Molesting women and children, killing innocent people who have no hatred or has never done anything to you. Do you believe any God would say that is ok.
      Do you believe the God of muslims would rape a young innocent child, while laughing and putting fear in her heart. Do you believe the God of muslims will torture or behead a person who has never done any harm to him. Do you believe the God of muslims is evil, and create nightmares, and sends demons to your doorstep. because if you look at everything you have seen what ISIS and Boka haram has done. They have done the job of demons and devils not of God.
      Read the real Koran, not the fake one.

  2. European infidels are sheep. We will use the sheep for our own purposes.

    • Fuck you ignorant c*nt! And hopefully you won’t even be able to enjoy it cause you’ve had your clit cut off!!!

  3. ithey true nfidels was Muhammad n history followers (Muslims). Poor Islam will be defeated and destroyed. Hehehehe. Fuck you prophet of doom, Fuck you terrorist

  4. The true infidels was Muhammad n his followers (Muslims). Poor Islam will be defeated and destroyed. Hehehehe. Fuck you prophet of doom, Fuck you terrorist.

  5. Islam just in dreams when they thought the can conquer Europe. Wake up dude. Wkwkwkwkwkwk. Fuck you

  6. Islam can’t be judged by what Muslims say and do because different Muslims can say and do very different things. Some Muslims behead prisoners, scream for death to all Jews and make war to establish a world-wide Islamic state. Some Muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace, condemn terrorist acts and call Muslim terrorists un-Islamic.

    Because of this diversity, no individual or group of Muslims can reliably be assumed representative of Islam. Islam can be accurately judged only on the word of its god and the example of its prophet.

    The Koran is the word of Islam’s god, Allah. Through the Koran, Muslims are told to make war in order to spread Islam. They are told to hate, subjugate and kill non-Muslims and to not take any of them as friends. They are told to kill Jews. They are told that women are inherently inferior to men and that gays and apostates are to be killed. Muslim men are told that they can rape their wives and female slaves.

    The Hadiths are the collected sayings, teachings and acts of Islam’s prophet, Mohammed. Muslims believe Mohammed to have been the perfect man and the ideal role model. The Hadiths show Mohammed to have been a liar, torturer, rapist and murderer among other things.

    The evidence which Islam itself provides shows that Islam, the only true Islam, the Islam of the Koran and Hadiths, Allah’s and Mohammed’s Islam, is evil. People suffer and die at the hands of its more pious followers.

    There are different ways for Muslims to advance Islam and work toward a world-wide Caliphate, not all of them violent. For those inclined toward violence Allah and Mohammed provide motivation many times. Anywhere that Islam is tolerated Allah and Mohammed wait to inspire Muslims to follow them in all their barbarity and any “moderate” Muslim could be a potential terrorist. To have Muslims in your midst is to have enemies in your midst, some violent and some not, who seek the control of your country, the destruction of your way of life and your death or enslavement. It’s what their god demands.

    Western countries are betrayed by politicians, the media, academics, royalty and other traitors who won’t tell their people what Islam’s instructions to Muslims really are and who say that Islam is a religion of peace, that [insert latest Islamic atrocity] has nothing to do with Islam and that Islamic terrorists are following a distorted version of the religion.

    Allah and Mohammed make it clear that the only peace in Islam is the peace of the grave, that the latest Islamic atrocity is distinctly Islamic and that Islamic terrorists are not extremists but rather genuine Muslims following the letter and spirit of Islam.

    Islam is an evil poison and the West desperately needs to be purged. Stop letting Muslims in, deport them all to Islamic countries and deport the traitors with them.

      • you are totally incorrect. the Koran speaks against war. with your propaganda is the reason why so much chaos is in this world today.
        isnt that right false phophet.
        If anyone reads your script, I sure hope they have God in their heart. because being you as a false prophet is truly dangerous in the weak minds.
        I am a christian but I do not down or judge religeon. God is the only one entitled to judge.
        Since i know you to be a demon or devil. I hope other people know of this also.
        Read about Malcolm X who learned the truth and became a muslim leader of peace. He was killed by fanatical muslims who wanted to spread their hate like isis and boka haram.
        And for false phophets and racist individuals who work along side these sick isis boka haram organizations who use religeon to brainwash weak minded individuals for power and money.

  7. By its texts, and in its history, Islam is profane. Power cannot make an evil thing good.

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