“They’re getting ready for war”: France on brink of bloody civil conflict, warns politician

• France is ‘on the verge of a civil war’, intelligence chief warns

Via Express:

“Jonathan Miller, an elected city councilor in southern France, said “the mood is turning nasty” after the country was hit by its third terror attack in 18 months. Mr Miller said: “Normally, it takes quite a bit to excite my neighbors under the languid southern sun, but as one horror has followed another, I am no longer taking for granted that they will put up with this much longer.

“An isolated immigrant population and a strident right-wing political faction in a country awash with guns has created a toxic and explosive mixture. “France, a nation long considered a beacon of liberty and stability, may be on the edge of something resembling a civil war.”
He said members at a local hunting club, who are legally entitled to carry firearms, are preparing for a bloody conflict – with membership quadrupling in recent months.

Mr Miller revealed: “I wish I could say this was just hysterical exaggeration. But the evidence does not support complacency. “The new members are not all motivated by the love of shooting sports. Benoit, a local olive farmer who owns more than a dozen rifles, pistols and shotguns, as well as an AK-47 assault rifle, admitted to me this weekend something much darker. “‘They’re getting ready for a war,’ he said.””

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  1. Go to war with them, we will clean up our monkey problem also once we get back our house

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