Too dangerous to show in the UK: Watch “Islam: The Untold Story” at 10News

There is no proof that Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, ever lived. Actually, all evidence points in the direction that Muhammad in fact never existed. This is a death-blow to Islam. More here – a must-read for Islam-critics: Did Muhammad Exist?

Islam: The Untold Story is a documentary film challenging the existence of Muhammad and the traditional account of Islam’s birth. A public screening on 11 September 2012 in UK was cancelled due to safety reasons. Watch it here:

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  1. The French and Brits should never left those countries… i would have been better, to keep them as colonies. Those people cannot control complex constructions like a country. Donkeys, chickens, some primitive agriculture is the maximum.

      • Please. Post WWII you couldn’t even look after your own shit. Let alone foreign colonies in the middle east. Also, this whole Islam shitfest started when the Kikes entered (‘cuse, invaded) Palestine.

        • If the Arabs hadn’t invaded the rest of the ME from the AP, none of this would be an issue. Anyone who wants to be a Muslim can retreat to the AP whence it came and the rest of the world can renounce the death cult and either revert to their pre-sialmic religion or remain atheist. What a wonderful world it would be.

    • Don’t say that,it’s rather unfair on chickens and donkeys…….know what you mean though,and you are correct.

  2. This is an excellent presentation which thoroughly vettes what I have long suspected: islam is made-up bullshit from the basest most savage scum who ever walked the earth–camel shaggers. islam is just like christianity and all of the other made-up religions except that it is based in vulgarity, mendacity, and the sickest, most twisted psychosis that man has ever created.

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