Total chaos in the Swedish police: ‘Minimal risk of being arrested’

Via Speisa:

“The Swedish police is in such trouble that the likelihood of being arrested now is minimal, something that is beneficial to both drunk drivers, drug dealers, petty criminals and extremists. However, it is not so outstandingly great for law abiding ordinary citizens, who will suffer.

A reorganization to make the police more effective commenced January 1, 2015, but a year after the largest police reform in the history of Sweden, the fiasco is a fact.

– As long as you know where traffic cameras are you can drive as fast as you want. You can sell drugs openly and these are good times if you want to be an extremist, says Bo Wennström, Professor of Law at Uppsala University, to the Swedish newspaper ETC.”

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  1. Celebrating the social destruction of 2 of the world’s fluffiest nations – countries that welcomed muslim immigrants with open arms – tells everyone reading these threads that you are a mindless troll, Shaniqua. There is a place that lies on the other side of stable secular government in tolerant, pluralistic societies. Don’t be too eager to go there – you are unlikely to take pleasure in what you find.

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