UN: 72 percent of boat people to Europe are men

(Screen cap above is from the UN’s live update of boat people to Europe. As can be seen, 72 percent of them are men)

Civilized cultures would send the women, children and elderly to safety first and let the men stay and fight to protect their home country. But Islam is different in so many ways. And why stay and protect a country that is already Muslim, when there is so much non-Muslim land to conquer – especially as the Quran promises Muslims a place in heaven if they emigrate to non-Muslim areas?

Tourist about boat “refugees”: “The young men we saw every day, was well-dressed, spoke in iPhones, was well-fed … ONLY men”
Hijrah: “Jihad by emigration”

Watch UNs live update of human boat trafficking into Europe here.

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  1. The Mohammedans are devout in their faith. The Koran teaches the overall denigration of women, and despises weakness in general.

    It is distinctly masculine with origins from early “knighthood” to have honorable sacrifices of strength for those with less strength; women and children. The “Titanic Society” became very popular in the United States with the slogan, “women and children first”, so much so that the slogan remains even though most in the population know little of its origin.

    The Mohammedans are following the teaching of the Koran, in practice.

    We act upon that which we believe.

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