Video: Endless flood of young Muslim men walking directly into Europe

Born and raised within Islam, crossing into Slovenia:

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  1. The flood is not “Endless”, but I do understand the point that you’re trying to make. And it’s only too obvious that there is an overwhelming preponderance of young males, as in any invading army. Maybe now would be a good time for you Europeans to reconsider your fetish for parental and shepherd-like government. It’s obvious that your own submissiveness and obedience is leading you to destruction, just as it did in 1914 and 1939.

    It’s by the way that we should carefully note the cops’ open and willing cooperation during this invasion. Any excuse for a paycheck, I suppose. The first picture looks like a planned parade organized by local business boosters, but in addition to the officers of honor at the front you can see numerous police lurking further back amidst the invaders. Perhaps that is to discourage self-defense against the latter by conservatives who, as in the USA and Canada, slavishly revere police. After all, a HERO might be injured or killed while shooting the foot soldiers of Muhammad’s ilah if there are police comingled with those soldiers!

    Of course, no one should expect to find that noble qualities and attitudes predominate in the character of professional bullies and goons like police. And this judgment applies to the professional soldier, as well. All such street muscle of organized crime is supplied and paid through looted wealth for the protection of the usual suspects, e.g. lawyers, business people, secular humanists, socialists, university professors, political parties, and…Christian clergy.

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