Video from Berlin: “What happened in Cologne, that’s nothing, that happens here every day”

One of the world’s most orderly societies descending into chaos. Crimes are happening on open street and not enough police to handle it. Criminals taking over whole parts of Germany’s capital:

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  1. What has happened in Cologne, what is happening daily in Berlin, in Paris, in Marseilles, in Malmo, in Stockholm, in Rotherham, and in countless other European towns, is EXACTLY what was happening in the Christian, and other peoples territories that Muhammad’s successors conquered, all the way from Spain to India. The demon-possessed muslims were so ruthless towards the native populations there, that during just a couple of centuries, the vast majority of previously Christian people decided to convert to islam, just to be left alone.

    Islam has from its beginnings been a ruthless satanic ideology. Crime towards the non-muslims is in their genes, it is the way that they worship satan (allah).

  2. Frau Merkel is by no means a stupid woman…can we believe she is so blinded that she cannot see the end of the road that she is taking Germany to? All these refugees simply serve to stir up resentment amongst the native citizens…already the strains are showing, in the face of government censures, local resistance has already gone underground and soon the tipping point will be reached. The Germans are not the gentle Hindus…there is going to be terrible bloodshed as they take back their land. I find it impossible to believe Frau Merkel with all her statistics, advisors,intelligence services etc cannot see that? She clearly knows what shes doing… seems she is deliberately and willfully forcing a confrontation!

      • No surprise really, just your type. Have you or any God Damned moslems ever done a day’s work?

    • She lost the plot, the misbehaviour by her chosen ones have tipped her over the edge into insanity. As A minimum she should be removed from power.

  3. If current trends continue, Germany will have enough Muslims in positions of power in politics, simply through the tactics of legal warfare educational indoctrination to swing policy and take control within ten years, and that means the militaries and nuclear arsenal of Europe and the British Isles.

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