Video from Israel: Knife jihadis defeated with shopping cart

Via Israel National News:


“Footage from security cameras in the supermarket in Beit Horon, outside of which aA�stabbing attackA�took place Monday night, shows how an intrepid shopper managed to keep the two knife-wielding Arab terrorists at bay with a shopping cart.

The two had stabbed a woman aged 23, critically wounding her, and also stabbed and moderately wounded a woman aged 58, adjacent to the shop before trying to enter and inflict more casualties.

Fortunately one civilian on hand showed great ingenuity in pushing the terrorists with a cart at the door of the store, in footage released byA�Channel 2A�on Monday night.

The attack appears to have been well planned, as the two terrorists infiltrated the town in the Binyamin region of Samaria, and apparently planted three improvised explosives near the store which were later found by security forces, before launching their attack.

A security guard shot the two terrorists and neutralized them;A�they later died of their wounds.”

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