Video: Muslim commits car-jihad in France, gets shot

Via Reuters:

“French investigators found jihadist propaganda material on Saturday in the computer of a man who drove his car into troops guarding a mosque in southern France on New Year’s Day but said it did not prove he had links with any terrorist groups.”


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  1. We in the United Kingdom are being systematically lied to by the quisling politicians in order to keep us quiet. The newspaper have constantly under report problems with Asians there sexual grooming of young white kids, there gangs patrol the streets imposing sharia law and the police do nothing, our government do nothing. There is a underlying current of preservation within our society now groups that not long ago normal people wouldn’t associate themselves with are coming together, in a desperate bid for safety in numbers.

    The wrath of the indigenous population of this country will be felt it is only a matter of time the old saying enough is enough as been reached. When your chance comes vote to leave the dreaded EUSSR because if we don’t civil war will erupt in this once great country.

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